Finally! Paint receives a complete redesign in Windows 11

New Paint for Windows 11: a facelift, but without new features

Paint hasn’t changed much over the years. The drawing program has received some other features in the last versions of Windows (very few), and some slight changes in appearance to adapt it to the appearance of operating systems, but little else.

Now, with the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, it seems that Paint is going to upload another facelift, although, again, without receiving new functions. Thanks to a Microsoft leak, we have been able to see what the new appearance of Paint will be like. And this new redesign goes beyond the simple rounded corners in the program window.

As we can see, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to update practically all the elements of the main program window. We can see, for example, how in the upper bar we have new icons, although the most striking are the new color pickers, which are now round. In short, a much more modern experience than a classic.

For now the new Paint is not available to Windows 11 Insider users, although it should not take long to arrive. It’s even possible that if this redesign doesn’t make it in time for RTM, it might come a little later through the Windows Feature Experience Packs.

This is how the new Photos app also changes

But Paint isn’t the only thing Microsoft is changing. The company wants to take advantage of the launch of its new Windows 11 to also update another of its main programs: the photo app, the default image viewer for Windows 10 and therefore Windows 11.

Within the same leak (which is probably intentional) where we have been able to see the new design of the Paint app, we can also find resources that let us see the first brushstrokes of the new Windows photo viewer.

New Windows 11 Photos app

As we can see, it is about a much simpler and minimalist viewer. At the top we can find a bar with the different tools that this program includes, while at the bottom we find what looks like a photographic reel, with all the photos that we have in our library.

Again, no official details from Microsoft about this new design, nor is it available to Insider users who are already testing the new Windows 11. We will still have to wait a little longer to learn more about these two design changes, and if they hide any new functions that, until now, it has not been revealed.

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