Finally! We thoroughly tested and analyzed the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2

After a long time seeing these headphones from the well-known Japanese firm Audio-Technica from afar, today we finally have the pleasure of touching one with our hands. Yes, everything that is said about these headphones is true they are amazing we are also lucky to try the limited color edition «Lantern Glow» on its Bluetooth 2 model. To begin with, we will say that they can be paired on two devices at the same time thanks to multipoint technology.

But let’s go calmly and in parts and we really wanted to try these popular headphones. In this review we are going to try to get the most out of these headphones that, once you put them on your head, you notice the difference, having the L and R (left & right) marks makes more sense in them Since they have a shape or design that makes them one-way headphones, if you put them backwards they are not comfortable.

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Audio-Technica M50xBT2

In any case, we are going to start with this review of headphones that have a long history in the headphones market. We will start by saying that this is a veteran brand, In 1962 Matsushita founded Audio-Technica with the aim of producing high quality audio for everyone. With that goal in mind, he soon created the first truly affordable phono cartridge, the AT-1, in the company’s small flat in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

In the early 1960s at the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Tokyo, curator Hideo Matsushita organized LP listening sessions, in which people had the opportunity to enjoy vinyl records played on high-quality equipment. Matsushita was touched by the positive reactions the guests showed to the music, but He was frustrated that the cost of hi-fi equipment prevented many people from enjoying that quality so he ended up founding the company we all know today.

We can see that the products they have in their catalog range from in-ear headphones, the famous M50x, microphones and headphones for really audiophile people, they are sound elitists. Today we have the opportunity to use these popular M50xBT2.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 box contents

Audio-Technica M50xBT2 back box

Once we have the details with which Audio-Technica started in the world and some of the products that they have on their official website, we go with what interests us, the new BT2 headphones. In this case we can only start with the box itself and what it adds inside.

What we find in this case as soon as we open the box is the mythical cover made of a material similar to leather, small in size but really useful for transporting headphones and cables. The inside of the bag adds the only two cables that are incorporated into the box, one that is 3.5 mm jack in case we want to use wired headphones (although personally I would only use it for exceptional cases) and the USB C to USB A charging cable.

These together with the warranty papers and manuals is what is added in the box. The USB charging cable is about 30cm long and the audio cable is 1.2m long.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 Construction Materials and Design

Audio-Technica M50xBT2 front box

In this case we come across materials such as plastic, metal for the inside of the headband and a material similar to skin for the part of the pads that go over the ears. In this sense, the cables are shown with quality finishes in the weakest parts and it is that the ATH were always good in this sense.

We can say that plastic is not a bad companion to these headphones, they make them lighter and above all they are resistant. We haven’t actually dumped them on the ground but we know from previous models that they are products that are truly resistant to the passage of time, so they will not break easily.

Another point to keep in mind is that the ear pads can be changed with ease and in the market we find many options available thanks to the popularity of these ATH-M50x. These are not expensive and are usually the parts that break the most over the years.

Regarding its design, then, we are going to say little that is not already known. It is a matter of taste and I can personally say that this model is one of those that everyone ends up liking. Logically the color of the special edition is much more striking than black, but in both cases they are headphones with a nice design and something robust. Proof of this is that they have been with the same design for a long time and it seems that they will not change, at least for now.

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Comfort of use, battery life and fast charging

Audio-Technica M50xBT2

It is true that the coating of the headband on the back is somewhat lacking in terms of foam, but they are not at all uncomfortable with the hours of use. In this sense, we do notice that aThe principle of using the headphones can be tightened a bit but as the days go by they adapt or we can even force the part of the headband a little by opening the headphones so as not to notice that pressure when they are new.

The good thing about these headphones in addition to the spectacular sound quality they offer is the battery life. The manufacturer indicates about 50 hours of use via Bluetooth and we can say that they are well met, yes, with the volume contained and with normal use. When you increase this volume, the battery life may decrease a bit as in all devices with batteries, but it is true that they cannot be used with too high a volume for many hours because of the power they have. At least in my personal case.

Thanks to the fast charge offered by these ATH-M50xBT2 we can Enjoy 3 hours of use with a 10 minute quick charge. This allows us to play with them a lot more with the theme of the battery. The charge LED is red when charging and turns off once 100% charged.

Noise cancellation and brutal sound quality

Audio-Technica M50xBT2 Headphones

Being closed headphones, noise cancellation is already part of the helmets themselves. Once you put them on, you notice that the noise goes down and when putting the music this external noise is quite covered So be careful with this if you need headphones that allow you to listen to the outside. This is not a noise cancellation by manual activation, this comes “standard” by the design of the helmets and it is not that it completely isolates you from the outside but it does show when we wear them.

Thanks to patented 45mm large aperture drivers and the dedicated amplifier offer exceptional clarity over a wide frequency range, with a deep and precise bass response that allows the user to enjoy exceptional audio. These headphones are really spectacular in terms of sound quality and you can see the quality the moment you listen to your first song with them on.

These ATH-M50xBT2 add an advanced AK4331 audio DAC and dedicated internal headphone amplifier, which offers a really spectacular sound. They do not require an amplifier or external device for their use, but if you are a video editor and want to connect them to your sound card, you can do it quietly. As I say it is not necessary, but it is possible.

Are compatible with high quality LDAC and AAC codecs and thanks to the AT Connect app you can have greater control of the headphones with codec configuration options, options to lower latency, balance adjustment, voice assistant configuration (they are compatible with Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and you will have a quick guide at hand.

Definitely the sound of these Audio-Technica headphones is good for listening to music on the go, recording your podcasts, playing games on the console and more. We can say that we are facing high-quality multipurpose headphones with features that are really above many similarly priced headphones.

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These are some of its main specifications

Audio-Technica M50xBT2 Accessories

The headphones have buttons on the left ear cup to turn the volume on and off, raise or lower the volume, pick up a call, and mute the microphone. Dual mics and beamforming technology in these headphones offer good call quality. You will not have problems talking to someone from public transport or directly from the street.

Its four buttons built into the headset allow you to easily control volume / mute, music, calls and give access to the voice assistant for when you need it. As we say, you can mute the mic with a single press on the round button. Its low latency mode improves the synchronization between the audio and the video to enjoy a good transmission and to be able to play fluently. The Bluetooth connection is 5.0, they have a weight of about 307 g and their impedance is 38 Ω.

Editor’s Opinion

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2
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  • Design and manufacturing materials
  • Brutal sound quality
  • Convenience of not having cables and being able to use them with a 3.5mm jack
  • Excellent value for money


  • Maybe some more foam on the headband

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