Find a piece of your youth with this old musical widget for Mac

If you are looking for a practical and retro way to control your music on Mac, then go ahead and download Widget Music, the exact replica of the software that came on Apple computers in 2005.

If you miss the computing of the 2000s, the Internet has good news for you. An independent developer has just recreated the mythical music widget of Mac OS X Tiger, the 2005 Mac operating system.

Back then, Universal Search had just entered on Macs, the system interface looked like this, and iTunes was still preinstalled on all Apple computers. And to control its playlists Apple had even created, the pinnacle of innovation, a widget to navigate within its library. It is this widget that the independent developer Mario Guzman decided to recreate.

Only available with Apple Music

The program is compatible with macOS Big Sur (the latest stable version of macOS), but only works with Apple Music. You can’t control your Spotify or Deezer music with this nostalgic little software. The program written using the Swift language is still in beta, but works well according to our first tests.

Like its distant predecessor, the widget integrates basic controls for music, is able to display the name of the artist and the title played and to control the volume. Nothing revolutionary but the essential is there, and the experience similar to what was done more than 15 years ago now. The graphical interface has still been reworked to display correctly on today’s high definition screens.

The widget with its look straight out of 2005 // Source: Numerama screenshot

Ironically, the software is not a widget per se and cannot appear in the dedicated panel of macOS. Music Widget of its small name is rather a floating window that you can move around your desktop to always have control of your music. Incidentally, you can also use the multimedia keys present on all Mac keyboards, but where is the fun in that?

If you wish, you can make a small donation to the developer here.

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