Find deals you can’t even imagine with this eBay trick

Wallapop has become the ideal platform to buy and sell any type of product, no matter how rare. However, It is not the best option if we want to search for very specific items or even offers, since the filtering options are very limited and are never based on the price of the product. If we want to find offers, in addition to Amazon, eBay is another interesting option to consider.

The number of options available on eBay to filter search results and find real bargains both in new products and in second-hand items, it is a utility that very few users use despite offering infinite possibilities.

Best eBay Deals

eBay makes millions of first- and second-hand items available to us. When we carry out a search, the platform returns all the results mixing them, so, depending on the type of product in question, finding the best offer can become a daunting task that makes us not want to continue using the platform.

Along with the search results, in the left column, a series of filters are displayed (depending on the type of product in question) that allow us to limit the number of results that are displayed. In addition to the different options of the product that we have searched for (model, color, operating system, size and others), the platform allows us to apply the following filters:

  • By location. By default, eBay has the habit of showing all products that match what we are looking for, regardless of their location, and unless we are looking for very specific products, it is useless for us to show us the items available in the United States or Romania.
  • purchase format. Through this option, we can only show auctions, items that are up for bids, or items that are available for immediate purchase. By default, all items available on the platform are displayed, regardless of the purchase format.
  • Prices. Depending on the type of product we are looking for, we can filter by different price ranges or specify between which price range we are looking for the item, for example, between 90 and 110 euros.

  • Free shipping. One of Amazon’s most popular features is free shipping among Prime members. This striking function, which makes many users opt for one offer or another, is also available within eBay’s filter options.
  • local pickup. A more than interesting option, especially for users who like to enjoy a product as soon as possible, is the possibility of physically picking up the product in the store or meeting directly with the person who sells it, since we can specify a nearby kilometer radius. to our location.

In addition to all these options available in the left column, if we click on more filters (last option shown), we will access a section where we can specify additional filters so that only products from companies or individuals are shown, if they accept returns and if these are free, only show them discounted itemssearch the item description and much more.

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