Find N: Oppo would have lied, the screen crease is not invisible

Oppo today formalized the Find N, its first smartphone with a foldable screen. According to the claims of its manufacturer, the smartphone would have no visible folds, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But some testers posted photos on social networks where the fold is clearly visible.

oppo find n fold screen
Credit: Marques Brownlee / YouTube

For two days, Oppo presented several major novelties during Inno Days 2021. Yesterday, the Chinese firm unveiled the MariSilicon X, its first component. It is a coprocessor powered by artificial intelligence and dedicated to processing photos. It will arrive in the Find X4 Pro. The firm also presented AirGlass, connected glasses dedicated to “assisted” reality. It is a product that takes the place of Google Glass, a project abandoned in 2017, following a vast controversy over respect for privacy.

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Today, the Chinese brand presented the Find N to which we devoted a full article. The Find N is presented as one of the most serious competitors of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that we tested in September 2021. It incorporates two screens, including a foldable provided by Samsung. The technical sheet also includes a Snapdragon 888, 8 or 12 GB of Ram, 256 or 512 GB of storage, a dual battery of 4500 mAh, five photo sensors so the IMX766 (Sony 50 megapixel sensor) that you find in the Find X3 Pro and two 32 megapixel selfie sensors. Everything is sold around 1200 euros (a little less for the 8 + 256 GB version and a little more for the 12 + 512 GB version).

Oppo’s Find N fold is not invisible

During the presentation of the Find N, Oppo insisted on the qualities of its internal screen and its hinge developed in-house. One of its qualities is the absence of visible folds in the middle of the main slab. It is true that that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is marked, as we could see in our full test. Result: It is not as smooth as with a standard flat screen. Oppo claims this effect is missing from Find. But this is not the case.

oppo find n fold screen
Credit: MrMobile @ YouTube

The first photos and videos are currently blooming on social networks and on YouTube, including that of Michael fischer (aka MrMobile) from which the photo above is taken, or that of Browlee brands, which you can find at the end of this article. During the complete presentation of the product by the latter, you can see a sequence where it shows the open screen. And you will notice that the center of the screen is folded in several places. Of course, it will depend on the angle. At the start of the video, the crease is not visible. But under certain conditions, he sees himself. And if he sees himself, it is because he feels himself.

This is not the only example. Many testers and influencers post photos of the product with a crease. And, in a way, we’re not really shocked. We gave the Galaxy Z Fold 3 an excellent rating this year. And yet, the fold is present. It’s mechanical. It’s logic. It’s normal. On the other hand, we are a little disappointed by the promise of Oppo which does not seem to be kept.

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