Find out how many followers you need on Twitch to be a millionaire streamer

Becoming a streamer on Twitch is not a quick process, let alone an easy one. All beginnings are hard and this is not different from creating your own company or starting to study something that we are completely unaware of. However, on Twitch we can be lucky that some successful streamer notices us and sends us their audience in order to get new followers and, with a bit of luck, gain subscribers, which is what really leaves money on this platform.

In order to make money on Twitch, we must overcome two barriers. The first is to become affiliate. Being an Affiliate on Twitch allows anyone who follows us or is interested in our work to subscribe to our channel and thus start earning money. The second step is to be partners. If we overcome this second barrier, to the amount that we are going to receive for the subscriptions, we have to add the money that Twitch offers us for showing advertising on its channel.

The more advertising we show on our channel, advertising that is only shown to users who are not subscribers, Twitch will pay us more money, however, we run the risk that users who follow us stop doing so if, every time they enter the channel, they have to swallow 3 or 5 advertisements in a row, as happens with traditional television, although in much fewer numbers. If we want to start streaming on Twitch, it is necessary to know how much we can earn.

Minimum subscribers to earn money

Except for very specific agreements with big celebrities, Twitch distribute the money you get from subscriptions at 50%, 50% for the platform and the rest for the streamer. The problem is that in each country the subscription price is different, so the revenue sharing between the platform and the streamer is not the amount in terms of amount. For example, in Spain, a subscription is priced at 4 euros, 2 euros are kept by the streamer and the other 2 euros by the platform. In the United States, the price of the subscription is 5 dollars, being 2.5 dollars for each one.

In many Latin American countries, the price of the subscription is 1 or 2 dollars, so the money that can be earned for a subscription is much less than what we can obtain through subscriptions that we obtain from Spain or other countries where this one has a higher price. If we reach the number of 600 subscribers, all from Spain, at the end of the month we will obtain 1,200 euros. To that amount, we have to add the ad revenue that Twitch provides to content creators based on the number of ads they display. Then you have to apply the corresponding IPRF discounts, self-employed quota and others.

What is the best time to stream?

Until before changing the price of subscriptions, it was quite easy to know the number of subscribers needed to be able to live on this platform as a streamer, since the price of subscriptions was 5 dollars (not euros) worldwide. However, depending on where our subscribers come from, we are going to need to work harder to reach a larger number of people in order to meet our financial expectations. If we want our subscribers to be mainly Spanish, we will have to streamer in the morning, but if we want to reach a greater number of people, it is advisable to start streaming in the evening in Spain in order to also reach the Latin American public.

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