Find out how much Google knows about your personal life, and make it forget it with one click

Although many deny the Internet search engine par excellence, Google, the truth is that the majority of users around the globe use it. What’s more, most have it set by default as the home page in their Internet navigator Favourite. All this despite knowing the enormous amount of data that the search engine accumulates about our personal lives.

Even if you are not aware of all this, it is time for you to know first-hand everything that Google knows about you without you having reported anything. At least directly, since the search engine itself and its different platforms and services are responsible for collecting personal information from its users based on their movements on the Internet. With all this, what the search giant intends is to create a profile about each one of us in order to offer us content based on all this.

We must bear in mind that most of the platforms and applications of this company are free, but their earnings are millions. Therefore, all this has to come from somewhere, and an important part is the advertising. In addition, this is how it works to offer us specially targeted advertising for each user, which is better for them, since their chance of success is greater. Precisely for all this that we tell you below we are going to show you how to see everything that Google knows our personal life.

In fact, at this point we can assure you that the data and information that this company knows about us will surprise more than one of you. Many of you who think that you do not give any data to Google, maybe you will get a surprise.

How to see everything Google knows about me

Next, we are going to show you the easiest way to perform this check. So you can see how much the company has been accumulating on us over the years. But don’t worry, in the event that you get a more or less pleasant surprise, we are also going to show you how to make the company forget all about it. Of course, in the event that you make the decision to delete all that stored datafor this to continue, you should repeat the process periodically.

And it is that Google, even if we delete all this, will continue in its thirteen. It will continue to store private information of its users, so we will have to delete it from time to time. To achieve all this that we tell you, we only have to access this urls from our favorite internet browser.

google data

From there we only have to start browsing the different sections that we find on this website. So we’ll see everything Google has been piling up on us. Here we find the latest searches, all the web activity, the places we have physically visited, the videos of Youtube that we saw, the payments with Wallet, the surveys carried out, the preferences of newsand much more.

As you can imagine, all this has accumulated as we have used the different platforms and applications of the company. To delete everything, click on the button represented by 3 horizontal lines that is located in the upper left corner of this website. Here we select the option Delete activity by.

Google Activity

We have the possibility to choose the time frame in the past since we want to delete all this activity saved by Google. Perhaps in most cases we will opt for Since ever. Next, we find a new window. Here we can mark or unmark those sections on which we want to delete all the information that the company has been accumulating about us.

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