Find out if you’ve seen all the most watched series in history

Breaking bad

One of the most popular series in all of history is, without a doubt, Breaking bad. Walter White, a chemistry professor in Albuquerque, discovers that he has incurable lung cancer. To try to help his family, he decides to change his life and, with the help of a former student, manufacture amphetamines to sell.

  • Available on Netflix.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 62 episodes.

The Wire

On the other hand, we have the series of The Wire, a series considered one of the most popular of all time. A police drama in the face of drug trafficking, which tells the story both from the point of view of the police themselves, and from those on the other side of the law.

  • Available on HBO.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 62 episodes.

Game of Thrones

The series of Game of Thrones you don’t need too many introductions. Still, in case there are any clueless, this is based on George RR Martin’s own novels that bear the name “A Song of Ice and Fire.” A medieval fantasy world, which recounts the confrontation between the most powerful families of the moment who, in addition, fight for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

  • Available on HBO.
  • 8 Seasons, with a total of 73 episodes.

Rick and morty

The first animation title that manages to “sneak in” on this list is Rick and morty, the series of «drawings» for adults. A comedy that shows us the adventures of Rick Sánchez, a crazy and foul-mouthed scientist who, together with his grandson and sometimes part of his family, travel through time and space.

  • Available on HBO and Netflix.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 51 episodes.

The sopranos

If you like gangster series, you should already know The Sopranos. Here we meet Tony Soprano in a drama that takes us through the life of the biggest mob boss yet. We will learn about the experiences of an Italian mafia family and the problems that they will encounter when trying to move forward with their lives.

  • Available on HBO.
  • 6 Seasons, with a total of 86 episodes.

Attack the titans

We continue with another of the best-known animation series in the world: Attack the titans. A hundred years ago these monsters almost wiped out humanity, although they have not been heard from since. However, after this time the colossal titan appears in the city, managing to set the rest of his species free. Eren Jaeger and his fellow Scout Corps will have to face the Titans to finish them off.

  • Available on Netflix and Prime Video.
  • 4 Seasons, with a total of 83 episodes.

The Office

Filled with a kind of humor that you love or hate The Office It is also on the list of the most popular series in history. Here we will see the day-to-day life of some workers from the Dunder Mifflin company. A somewhat peculiar team formed by Michael Scott, Ryan Howard, Pam Beesley, Jim Halpert and a few other characters in a fun series in the form of a pseudo-documentary.

  • Available on Prime Video.
  • 9 Seasons, with a total of 181 episodes.


Who has not seen a chapter of Friends? This series from the group of friends consisting of Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross. It shows us the lives, stories, adventures, relationships and much more that they live throughout all the years that they were on the air.

  • Available on HBO.
  • 10 Seasons, with a total of 237 episodes.

Black mirror

On Black mirror we are presented with a series somewhat different from what we used to be able to see anywhere. In it, each chapter tells a different story, although they all have certain points that unite them: the advancement of technology, social networks and how these “improvements” are making people more greedy, selfish and cruel.

  • Available on Netflix.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 24 episodes.

Peaky blinders

On the other hand, another of the most popular titles among the series in Peaky blinders. This drama hit quite hard since its publication, telling the story of the Shelby gangster family during the 1920s. A family that controlled the underground gambling sector and that extortion was part of their day to day. Tommy Shelby will arrive to control the family business after his stay in the war but, both the psychological consequences and the problems and encounters that will happen, will not make it easy for him.

  • Available on Netflix.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 30 episodes.

The Simpsons

Once again, and this being the longest of all, this is a title that needs no introduction. We are talking about The Simpsons. A story developed by Matt Groening since 1989 in which we will accompany the Simpsons family before different problems, somewhat uncomfortable situations and many moments that come to light in its more than 700 episodes.

  • Available on Disney +.
  • 34 Seasons, with a total of 728 episodes.

Six feet underground

In the event that you prefer dramas more, one of the best-known series with this theme is that of Six feet underground. Nate Fisher Jr. and his brother David just inherited the family business, a funeral home, after their father passed away. This family is also made up of Ruth, the widow, and Claire, their daughter. A family drama that narrates from “typical” problems such as infidelity, religion or romantic relationships. All this mixed with a death that begins each episode, and that will mark the rhythm of each chapter.

  • Available on HBO.
  • 5 Seasons, with a total of 63 episodes.

Stranger things

Last but not least, we have the title of Stranger things. A series that has gained great popularity in recent years through Netflix. A story of drama and mystery that plagues the lives of several families and friends with strange events. It all begins with the disappearance of one of the town’s children, an event that will bring to light a strange project carried out by the United States governments.

  • Available on Netflix.
  • 4 Seasons, with a total of 33 episodes.

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