Find out when and why your Internet connection fails in Windows

All we ask of this connection is stability, speed and reliability, although unfortunately we do not always have it. We use the internet for both professional and leisure-related tasks, but be that as it may, we don’t want it to fail. When we find ourselves working or playing with our team based on WindowsWe generally want that connection to be fast and not cut off. But as we say, the stability we seek is not always as good as it should be.

We tell you all this because we are going to try to give you a solution to check and solve the problems with the connection. And is that in the event that you have problems with your Internet connection, the first thing you should do is find out more about that failure. For this we can draw on a multitude of software solutions, both typical of Microsoft’s operating system, and external. However, in these same lines we are going to talk about an extremely simple method to analyze if our connection is stable. This will help us, if not, put the appropriate measures in order to solve the problem.

What good is a network inactivity log

Well, having said all this, one of the solutions that we can use to later take measures, is through a log of network downtime. This can help us to determine where the faults are and why our internet connection is cut off from time to time. It is worth mentioning that having a record of network downtime can be very useful. Specifically, it can help us to verify if it is a random problem on our part, or a more important failure on the part of our provider.

For those of you who think that this can be a difficult task, we are going to help you. And it is that Windows usersOnce in this situation, they can use a simple application that will be very useful. We refer to the program called Internet Check, a simple utility that records the time of disconnection to the Internet from your network. If we want to benefit from what it offers us, we only have to download it from this link. Comment that it is an open source program and totally free.

If we have problems with the connection we want you to measure the cuts, we can always do it manually. But the truth is that it is quite difficult to keep track of this data manually and exactly. Therefore it keeps a log of connection problems. This is achieved through a plain text file that anyone can understand and that helps us for these measurements.

Measure connection stability in Windows

We will tell you that this utility that we can install and use on a Windows computer, provides us with a very simple interface to use.

The truth is that this utility has been created to serve any type of user, even if they do not have much knowledge of these problems. To start working and get the desired report on the Connection, we just have to click Start. At that time the program will begin to monitor the status of our internet connection. We will know because the word Running will appear in the lower right corner of the window.

The best thing about this solution for Windows is that it works in the background. This gives us the opportunity to minimize it and continue using the computer as usual and working normally. but it is possible that we find that the internet connection we use is cut off from time to time. At that moment what we must do is return to the interface of Internet Check and click on the Open button.

At that time a new information window will open with the activity and inactivity record of our connection. In it we can see quite simply the network has been down for a while, and when it has happened.

connection log

This is something that is accomplished due to Internet Check pinging the Google and Cloudflare servers every 30 seconds. If the tool is able to connect, nothing is logged. However, in the event that the ping fail, the program will save a timestamp. This will indicate when the trouble, along with the status of the error.

Customize the connection error display

Say that in this report we have the ability to delete the data that has been saved in the document at any time. We can also delete only those that are irrelevant. But there are some parameters that we can modify here in order to improve the operation of the program. This will allow us to obtain more adequate connection reports for what we really need.

For example, when the program was stopped, in the lower left corner we can modify the interval of proof. This is set to 30 seconds, but we can increase or decrease it.

time interval

But that’s not all, since Internet Check offers us other settings that we can customize. For this that we tell you, we will only have to click on the Settings button on the main interface of the application. This will give way to a new window in which we can carry out various changes in the connection control software. So we can about the program start up with Windows, change to a dark mode, or indicate the types of data that we want to be added to the connection log.

Internet Check settings

All the data provided here, in one way or another, will help us to know where the problem of the connection failures on our Windows computer. For this we only have to know how to interpret the data presented in this registration report. In addition, thanks to the configuration parameters, we will be able to clarify the software solution to our needs.

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