Find out who sees your Facebook profile: find the gossip

How to know who has seen my Facebook profile

In this case we go straight to the point, and then we will explain to you the way you have to delimit the information so that these curiosities do not go around gossiping everything you publish.

The first thing you should know is that there are different ways to know who has accessed our profile on this social network. But, like everything else on the Internet, some processes are simpler and others more complex, or even some safer and others less.

The foolproof method: source code

The first of the methods that we want to let you know to know who has visited your profile to control it is the most infallible of all: the reading source code. This process will allow us to know which accounts have recently searched for us, although, yes, we will not know exactly when they entered or where they “moved” within the profile.

We know that it can sound very complicated or, even, that you think that we are going to hack the pentagon with this. But the truth is that, if you follow step by step what we explain below, you will achieve it without major problem:

  • Being on your computer, first you will have to log into your Facebook account as you normally would.
  • Then you need to get to your profile / wall by clicking on the icon with your photo that you can find on the right of the top bar.
  • Once here, it’s time to get into professional computing mode. We will have to launch the source code exploration window. We can do this from any usual browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. You just have to press the F12 key on your keyboard (or the combination of Fn + F12 depending on your model of this peripheral) to launch the developer window.
  • Now, in this new panel, you will have to get to the source code view. Simply, in the highest part of this screen, you will see the sections of Elements, Console, Sources, etc. Tap on “Elements” and you will already be inside.
  • The next step is to locate, within all this text, the codes “BUDDY_ID”. These represent the people who have accessed our profile. To make your task easier, you can display the search within the code just by pressing Control + F (if you have a Windows) or CMD + F (if you have a Mac). This combination activates the search bar at the bottom of the screen as we indicate in the photograph that we leave you a little higher. To locate the code that we mentioned you just have to type it in this search bar and, automatically, it will mark them for you.
  • Along with these codes you will see a sequence of numbers that, pasting them after the “” will take you to the profile of that user. But, what is even simpler is to keep reading until you reach the “name” section where the name of this person will appear.

As we said, it may seem a bit complicated but, if you follow the process as we have developed it, you can do it without too many problems.

Third-party apps, should you use them?

hacking codes

As with many other functions in social networks, through third party apps We will be able to know many data regarding our profile. A clear example of this is what happens to us in this tutorial, that is, who and when has visited our Facebook profile.

But of course, for these third-party tools to work correctly we will always have to give you access to all our data from this social network. This type of action is not something that we recommend you do lightly, since who knows what they could do with that data.

Even so, we wanted to inform you that this route exists although, not being to our liking, We prefer not to recommend any in particular.

Limit who sees your posts on Facebook

Finally, and as we already anticipated a little above, we want to explain something quite curious in relation to the privacy of your account of this social network. And, we can limit what and who sees our post on Facebook quite easily.

To get to all these privacy settings you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter your Facebook account as you normally would from the browser or from the phone.
  • Now click on the account settings icon. In the browser this is in the upper right corner and, from the mobile phone app, you will find it in the icon with the three lines in the lower right corner.
  • Once here, click on the section “Settings and privacy”, and then click on «Settings» again. If you enter this new window from your browser, you will have to make an additional click on the section with the name «Privacy».

Here you will find a lot of interesting functions that you can limit or give complete freedom for people to view your content.

For example, if you go to the “Your activity” section, you can literally limit any publication you make through this social network. You just have to click on “Edit” and then adjust the “Public” settings to “Friends only” or “Friends, except …” if you want someone in particular not to see said activity.

Even from this same screen you can adjust how people can find you on this social network. Or, for example, who can and who cannot send you message requests on Facebook.

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