Find the photo you are looking for in your personal archive much faster

In fact, in recent years and after the enormous success of mobile devices and their high-quality cameras, the use of photographic archives has multiplied. Generally what we do is dump all the captures we make with the mobile at the disk drives of our Desktop PC. But something we must bear in mind is that over the months and years the number of files of this type can be disproportionate.

As prevention is better than cure if we have this habit, the best we can do is try to organize these image files in the best possible way. This is something that is especially evident in those who take a large number of photographs, either with their mobile or with a specific camera. A better order when storing our photos on disk drives will always be beneficial. Both when locating certain content in the future, and for save space on your PC’s disk drives.

Rename photo files to classify them

Most of the devices that we use to take photos, by default use a nomenclature for the files that they create their own. However, as we accumulate many files of this type, it will probably not tell us anything. That is why once we turn these images over to our Windows PC, the first thing we must do is rename them.

We can follow the pattern we want, for example specifying the place and the date, so we can locate what we are looking for in the future much more quickly. Even if we mix a multitude of images, if they are well named, the operating system itself will take care of placing them in such a way that we can locate them quickly.

Use folders with representative names

Something similar happens with the folders that we use in Windows to store these multimedia contents. And it is that at this point it is advisable to carry out an image management based on folders and subfolders that we create. Here it happens as in the previous case that we can name these useful elements depending on our preferences or needs.

We have the possibility of using folders to catalog photos by vacation location, type of photo, dates, etc. Everything will depend on how we want to organize ourselves, but the use of these folders should be mandatory. To all this we can add that in most cases we may be interested in carrying out Backups photos on external drives.

Reduce their size if they take up too much space

It may also be the case that we have a huge number of high-quality photo files that occupy an excessive amount of space. That is why we may be interested in reducing the size of these files before storing them on disk drives.

For all this that we comment on, we can use a multitude of web applications and programs to resize photos that will be of enormous help. In fact, many of these solutions allow us to reduce the size or quality of the batch images, that is, many at the same time.

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