Find what interests you faster on Google with these tricks

However in addition to a search engine, Google it is much more, all despite the fact that it began as such. Despite the success that it has had in many of its platforms and services launched later, such as the Chrome web browser, they have not wanted to leave aside what could be considered one of its great although it is flagship, the search engine itself. Not surprisingly, billions of users have it as their home page every time they start their favorite browser.

But although we have been using it for many years, the Google search engine It has not stopped growing, evolving and improving. We tell you all this because we can use a series of tricks that will be very helpful when optimizing its use. With this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of and improving the results of our searches quickly and easily.

How to search for similar terms in Google

When we do a new Google search, the seeker tries to show us all the results made up of all the specified terms. But on many occasions it may be the case that we are interested in complementing these with others to save time. Therefore, in these cases, it is best to use the OR operator in order to optimize the results and locate content related to several terms at the same time.

This is something that, as you can imagine, will be of enormous help to us to optimize our time, especially if we work in an office.

Ignore spelling and capitalization

It is true that our day to day when editing texts or writing any type of content, it is always advisable to take special care with the orthography and the grammar. However, this is something that we can temporarily and incidentally ignore in Google searches. We tell you all this because the search engine will not distinguish between upper and lower case, and the results will be the same whether for example we put an accent, or not.

Therefore, when it comes to doing searches in a faster way, this is one of the exceptions in which we can leave out the spelling a bit.

Use dots to search for numerical ranges on Google

This is another of the elements that we can use when searching in Google, especially if we focus on the numerical data. With this, what we want to tell you is that if, for example, we want the search to include a range of numbers, between two years, we can add two points between both values.

guerras entre 1870..1910

Limit searches to a specific website

As you probably already know first-hand, Google does the searches we carry out globally. These focus on the terms that we enter, but to make it more specific we can limit that search to a certain Web. This will allow us to have to move between the results shown if what we are looking for is the one belonging to a specific portal.

For this, we just have to use the following parameter followed by the URL of the website that interests us. Windows 10

Avoid searches on certain terms

As a general rule, when we carry out a new search in Google we enter several terms that are the ones that interest us. But these can refer to a multitude of sectors, which can create great confusion as to the results that we will obtain. Therefore, if we want the search engine not to show any results belonging to a specific word, we only have to write a script followed by it.

In this way, what we achieve is, for example, to avoid the appearance of data relating to several sectors that have nothing to do with it but that match the terms entered.

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