Fire TV Stick: all models as cheap as if it were already Black Friday

The Amazon device catalog has a large number of very interesting devices. From the different versions of the Kindle, the eReader that changed everything, to its speakers and cameras, there is no doubt that the company has known how to focus on the device market and complete a very interesting catalog, with very competitive gadgets for price and benefits, and which are also substantially improved by integrating the rest of the company’s services.

And one of the devices, or rather family of featured devices, are the Fire TV Stick, the adapters that allow you to convert any television with HDMI into a smartTV, with the apps of the most used online services, its own app store, and of course, its voice assistant, which substantially facilitates many common tasks.

As a general rule, Amazon devices tend to experience interesting discounts during Black Friday, although it is true that some years, despite the importance of this date, the company decides to advance the discounts a few days or weeks. Such could be the case this year, since these days they are celebrating the ten years of Alexa, his voice assistant.

And what does this translate into? Well, we can currently find very interesting discounts in all Fire TV Stick models. And the prices are very attractive, well their discounts are between 37% and 43% nothing less.

Fire TV Stick

As we already told you yesterday, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is more lowered than ever, but the rest of the models have also seen their price drop substantially:

The Fire TV Stick Lite, with remote control with Alexa has a 37% discount, since it has dropped from 29.99 euros to 18, 99 euros.

The Fire TV Stick with remote control with Alexa and controls for the TV has a 43% discount, having dropped from 39.99 to 22.99 euros.

The Fire TV Stick 4K with remote control with Alexa and controls for the TV is also a 43% cheaper, with a drop from the usual 59.99 euros, to the 33.99 euros for which you can acquire it currently.

And the Fire TV Stick 4K Max that we already told you about yesterday, currently enjoys a 40% discount, with a drop from the usual 64.99 euros to the 38.99 euros during these days.

We have already told you on many occasions about the Fire TV Stick in its various models, so surely you know them well. And if you are thinking of buying one, either because you have not tried it yet, or to make the leap to a more current model, it seems this is the perfect time for it.

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