Firefox 92 arrives with support for AVIF, better HTTPS and more

While Chrome and Edge continue to gain market share unstoppably, Mozilla continues to work, step by step, on its web browser, Firefox. Firefox is a completely free and open source web browser, a browser that seeks to offer users the security and privacy that its rivals do not offer. Thus, continuing with its development, and in order to stop the loss of market share that has been accompanying it in recent months, the company has just launched a new version of it. That’s how it is Firefox 92.

What’s new in Firefox 92

The truth is that this new version is not one of the largest and most revolutionary updates that we have seen in the history of the browser. Quite the contrary, it is a maintenance version that, little by little, continues to mark the future of this.

One of the main novelties that we can find in it is that, from now on, supports AVIF image format default. This format has been developed by the Alliance for Open Media, is based on the AV1 video format and is royalty-free, so it can be used without having to pay any license.

Another novelty that we find in this new version is that, from now on, URLs will automatically update to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This new feature is an improved version of the HTTPS-First policy introduced with Firefox 91.

Other news that we can find in this new version of the browser are:

  • WebRender is now enabled on all systems by default.
  • Full color support for video playback.
  • Fixed performance issues related to alerts.
  • New design of the certificate error pages to improve the user experience.
  • Several exclusive novelties for macOS (support for Share, ICC v4 profiles, new visual style for bars and VoiceOver).

Of course, Mozilla has included its security patches in the new Firefox 92 to protect users from possible cyber attacks. This security information will be made public later, when most users have updated and no longer pose a danger to them.

Update browser

The new Firefox 92 is available to all users for free. If we already have this browser installed on our computer, while we are using it, it will check for updates, download the new version and install it on the computer. Thus, when we reopen it, we can keep it up to date. Also, in Windows, it will update automatically while we are not using it thanks to its new service background updates.

If we prefer, we can also download this version of Firefox from its website, or from the company’s official FTP.

Also, we remember that Firefox 91 brought with it a new ESR version of the browser. In this way, with the launch of Firefox 92 we find two new versions of extended support, Firefox 91.1 and 78.14. These versions do not include what’s new in this version, but only the fixes and security patches. In this way, users can have the most stable version of it.

The Beta and Nightly versions have also added a unit to their versions.

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