Firefox 93 will save PC RAM memory with this feature

For most users, current web browsers are indispensable programs on all their devices. But we are not talking about perfect applications, far from it, since for example one of the biggest complaints about them is their high consumption of resources. To a greater or lesser extent this is found in almost all the proposals, either Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or any other.

Its developers are fully aware of all this, so they try to alleviate this error as much as possible. Firms such as Microsoft, Google or Mozilla. In fact, in these same lines we want to focus on this last company, in particular we will talk about its Firefox browser. And it is that the firm wants to implement an important functionality to reduce and control the consumption of RAM from the PC.

Firefox 93 will make the browser consume less RAM

Specifically, we mean that in the next Firefox 93 for Windows, the Download tabs function will be implemented. This will start when it detects that the system is running low on memory. Mozilla believes that the functionality reduces memory usage by Firefox and at the same time crashes due to lack of memory. Once the feature goes live, users have to click on the downloaded tab to reload it into the program.

In fact, this is something that we can already find in a similar way in Microsoft Edge. This program has an idle tab system to improve memory and CPU usage. All this in order to improve the duration of the battery and browser performance. For its part, Chrome has the Download tabs function for this same purpose. While Edge suspends tabs and frees up resources, Chrome downloads them. Therefore, it could be said that Edge offers more control and options for these elements in suspension than Chrome.

Thus, Mozilla, inspired by Chrome, implemented Tab Download in Firefox 67 two years ago. The function kicks in and is applied to tabs when the system runs out of memory. (Alprazolam) But the Firefox developers couldn’t figure out the reason for the high memory consumption. Due to this, he disabled the function until he had more data and activated it in the final versions of the program.

The tab download will arrive in Mozilla’s browser

Therefore, as we now know thanks to the Nightly version of Firefox 93, the program will automatically download the tabs when the available memory of the device is low. At this point It is worth mentioning that this feature will initially come to Windows to be implemented in the next version on computers based on Linux and macOS. In turn, the company is planning to create a page similar to that of Chrome, but in Firefox, we refer to chrome: // discards.

And it is that current web browsers with multithreaded architecture consume more memory than before. Even if you have a high-end PC with lots of RAM installed, the system can consume a lot of resources. In this situation, Firefox downloads the tabs and frees up computer resources, thus reducing memory and making the system more responsive and stable.

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It must be said that at the same time we will have the possibility of deactivating this through the browser.tabs.unloadOnLowMemory function that we find in about: config.

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