Firefox 94… in full color, faster and safer

The new monthly version of Mozilla’s web browser was launched this week, Firefox 94 And, surprise, it comes with interesting news for its users both in the background, which are what they really need, and in the form, which never hurt.

It is a surprise that Firefox 94 arrives well nourished with news, I am not angry with the most susceptible users, due to the monthly rate of launches, which does not usually favor the number, more in the case of Firefox, subjected in recent years to a To say the least questionable address whose results are seen in the declining market share of the browser.

Starting with the shape, not long ago Firefox renewed its interface in depth by implementing a new style called Proton that not everyone liked … and with Firefox 94 they give it a touch of color that, I have to say, is very well brought: Colorways, “vibrant color combinations available for a limited time”. These are basically color schemes with which to spice up the application.

Colorways will appear the first time Firefox is started after its update, but all the themes that are shown are available in their own section in the browser preferences … for a limited time, yes, although as I said they look quite elegant. They are, therefore, a way of drawing attention to the customization possibilities, taking into account the interest that the most coffee-growing users of Firefox – those of the beta versions, according to Mozilla itself – have for this issue.

Firefox 94

But the Firefox user lives not only by colorines, and it is that no matter how much the browser improves technically, it still does not reach the Chromium flock. Which is not an obstacle for Firefox 94 to assume an interesting performance boost, at least on paper with, among other changes, the reduction in memory usage related to Javascript actions, a better programming of the garbage collector that will affect a faster loading of the pages, less CPU usage during polling of sockets for HTTPS connections, a faster start from scratch, including browser storage.

Apart from these changes, Firefox 94 launches a function to download open tabs without closing them through the internal page «about: unloads«, Equal to« chrome: // discards »in Chromium derivatives. This is a function that the browser already has by default and that works automatically, but it will be useful for more experienced users and those who use a greater number of open tabs.

Other new features in Firefox 94 include improved WebGL support for Linux, low-power mode support for full-screen video on sites like YouTube and Twitch, downloading and installing new versions of Firefox on Windows in the background, but without bother asking to restart the browser.

For its part, the area of security in Firefox 94 introduces site isolation, increasing protection against Specter-type attacks and the like; and containers, one of its most interesting exclusive features, integrates with Mozilla VPN.

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