Firefox 99 arrives, and copies one of the worst features of Google Chrome

The battle between the main internet browsers available continues. We recently told you about the new versions of Chrome and Edge, then we are going to introduce you to the new Firefox 99 with the novelties that Mozilla launches in its project.

We refer to the new stable version of the program for all supported platforms. The first thing we should know is that the new Firefox 99 has some functional updates and security fixes. All this is done in the versions available for the different platforms and devices.

We must bear in mind that the different developers in this software sector try to gain followers for their programs due to their enormous market penetration. To a large extent, this is achieved through updates that are constantly carried out and made available to all their clients. In this case we will focus on the proposal presented by the Mozilla firm.

New features and improvements in Firefox 99

If we focus on the novelties presented by this new version of the internet browser, we will tell you that in its version for Linux includes an improved sandbox. All this limits the access of the processes exposed to web content for security reasons, mainly. However, here we are going to find a function related to the privacy section that includes the popular Google Chrome but that not everyone likes.

Here we refer to the arrival of the credit card autofill feature that we use online. Actually, what this feature does is save the data corresponding to the card in the program to automatically fill in the corresponding fields when we make purchases. It goes without saying that this has certain risks related to privacy in e-commerce.

Of course, at the moment this feature is only working in countries like Germany and France. On the other hand, we will have a new keyboard shortcut to activate the narration function in reading mode and they include improvements in the PDF file viewer.

Regarding the security of the program, a network information API has been disabled by default. The main reason for this is that it exposes a large amount of user information that could be used by the websites we visit. Also, it has been resolved Outlook problem which caused some fields to not work correctly.

How to download the new Mozilla browser

We must know that Firefox 99 is the latest two-digit browser versionsince the next one will be Firefox 100. This will be released in early May and there is a possibility that some websites will not work for problems with user agent string. This is something that we have already seen in the aforementioned Chrome and Firefox that have recently reached version 100.

Conventionally we should receive the new Firefox 99 automatically. Just go to the menu option Help / About Firefox. At that moment the program will look for the new updates and will download the new version if it is already available on our computer. In the same way we have the possibility of downloading the new version from the firm’s website or from Mozilla’s FTP servers.

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