Firefox 99 is full of new features with its latest update

Firefox version 99 is now available. Several new features are on the agenda, in particular the automatic filling of credit cards or the management of inactive tabs on iPhone. Version 100, meanwhile, should be released on May 3.

Credits: Mozilla

While Chrome 100 has been available since last week, Firefox is lagging slightly behind. Which does not prevent it from updating 99 version, bringing several new features for users of each platform. Available to all Internet users, the PDF reader is now complemented by a search function, which also takes special characters into account.

In addition, it is also possible to activate read aloud simply by pressing the N key. A very practical option for all users who do not wish to resort to paid software to open their PDF files. Another way to save time, the browser is also enriched with automatic filling of bank cardslike extensions such as Dashlane or LastPass.

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Discover the list of new features for Firefox 99

No need to take your bank card out of your wallet to buy online, apart from entering the details in the manager integrated into the browser. For those who are worried about the security of such a device, note that Mozilla has not overlooked this aspect for this new update. Indeed, people on Linux will benefit froma new reinforced sandbox to prevent certain processes from accessing the X11 system, used when managing the user interface.

Finally, Mozilla also thought of iPhone users by adding improved management of inactive tabs. After 14 days without opening, they will be placed in a section specially designed to avoid traffic jams on the smartphone and thus optimize its performance. As always, several security vulnerabilities have also been closed. Now we have to wait for the release of Firefox 100, scheduled for May 4. We already know about it that the update will add compatibility with AV1 codes.

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