Firefox debuts on the Microsoft Store

Firefox 94 was recently launched with interesting news to its credit and if by some strange coincidence you want to install it on Windows 10 or Windows 11, you will not have to bother to go to the official Mozilla page to download, because the browser can be found already in the Microsoft Store, just a couple of clicks away.

How does this improve the traditional process? It is not at all clear why you have to do the same: open an application, search for Firefox, enter the first result … In Microsoft Stiore you save a click, the download, because the installation is done immediately, but … it is more integrated everything, something that the purists of the environment tend to like.

Mozilla says, however, that “before, if you were on Windows and wanted to use Firefox, you had to download it from the Internet and go through a clumsy Microsoft process. Now that Microsoft has changed its store policies, choosing Firefox as your desktop browser is more straightforward. Which is the same as saying nothing, but there it is.

Then… Does the Firefox that you download from the Mozilla site that you install from the Microsoft Store differ in nothing? No at all. Which is positive, note that when there are usually specific versions for application stores, they are for a negative reason, as is the case with any alternative browser to Safari that is allowed in the iOS App Store.

As anodyne as the news may seem, which does not seem like it, but it is, they have been able to read a headline about it at least curious, highlighting the arrival of Firefox to the Microsoft Store as the first alternative browser to the Chromium ecosystem -not one of its derivatives, it is understood that it falls on the Windows application store. Which is almost an oxymoron in terms of how the patio is.

Mozilla, however, goes further and presents it as “the first major browser to be available in the Windows Store.” More successful without a doubt, despite the fact that they continue to call the Microsoft Store Windows Store, whose new version – the one that introduced Windows 11 – is also available for Windows 10.

Are you not interested in this news? So you don’t use Windows or Firefox, because if you do … you’d better install Firefox from the Microsoft Store, rate it well and more: Of the downloads from the Mozilla page, only this one keeps the account and Firefox needs a massive push if it does not want to disappear shortly or tend to irrelevance.

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