Firefox for macOS is updated to version 95 with important improvements

My default browser on my iMac is definitely Safari. There is nothing safer than getting on the internet with Apple’s native browser. But sometimes, I need to “pull” another one that has some extension that I usually use and that is not yet available for Safari. And so, I use Firefox.

Now just upgraded to the new version 95, which brings improvements in security, performance and efficiency working under macOS. Let’s see what this update incorporates.

Mozilla just released Firefox 95. A new update to your popular web browser that incorporates a new version of your security sandboxing subsystem called RLBox. It also incorporates certain additional improvements in terms of performance and efficiency in its version for Macs.

The new security subsystem RLBox works by compiling a process in WebAssembly before converting it back to native code, which restricts its access to system memory and prevents it from jumping to unexpected parts of the program, thus limiting its potential to exploit some kind of vulnerability unwanted by the user. .

Another improvement that this new version brings is that reduces CPU usage on macOS during event processing and also substantially reduces the energy use of software video decoding on macOS, especially if it is played in full screen, especially on streaming video platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Now it is also possible to move the function toggle button «Picture in Picture»To the opposite side of the video. Users can find the new Move Image within Image option on the left side of the image.

This new version of the Mozilla Firefox 95 browser for macOS is now available for free download on the Mozilla download website.

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