Firefox will allow you to open past downloads, albeit at a price

It goes without saying that these are the applications that allow us to move around the internet in the best way and with relative safety. But at the same time they offer us a series of functionalities and characteristics that aim to improve our user experience. Specifically in these lines we are going to focus on the software that Mozilla offers us for all this, we refer to the aforementioned Firefox.

We tell you all this because the signature of software plans to change the behavior of your browser in something as important as downloading files. To give you an idea, it plans to introduce some new features regarding the opening of files from files downloaded from Firefox 91. At this time, as in most programs of this type, users can choose between saving or opening the files they download.

What’s new for downloading files in Firefox 91

The first option, save, stores the files in the file default download. Here we find options to change that save folder. On the other hand, if we opt for the Open option, the program saves the file in the system’s temporary folder and we can open it. Say that this does not affect the initial opening of the file, for example a DOCS in Word or a video in the default media player.

After that, the files are automatically deleted when the session ends, which caused problems for users who wanted to reopen the same downloaded file. Therefore and to solve all this, from Firefox 91 the Mozilla Firefox program uses a different logic. This will be used when trying to open file downloads from the application. At first say that as part of the new behavior, Firefox will save all files in the download folder. It will take place regardless of whether users select the Save or Open option.

One consequence of the new behavior is that downloads that are opened are no longer automatically deleted. As of Firefox 91 it will be necessary to delete these downloads manually. However, this is not the only change. In turn, it will introduce the functionality of opening files from the download panel. As you know, this panel shows all the downloads, active, failed or completed, of the session.

How to take advantage of the new download feature

Therefore, in order to benefit from this option, just click on the corresponding download in the panel and Firefox will show the time remaining before the file opens. But in case you don’t like the new download behavior, you can disable it. For example, if you want the records that are opened are automatically deleted once the session is closed. To set up this and that Firefox behaves as usual, let’s see how to achieve it.

We write the following in the address bar of the program:


Then we only have to locate from the corresponding search box, the next entry.

Firefox bar

To finish we just have to set the value to True to enable the new behavior, and False to disable it.

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