Firefox’s VPN brings new features to make browsing safer

Mozilla’s VPN service is provided by a Swiss company known as Mullvad. However, Mozilla’s VPN lacked some of the features that the official Mullvad client did offer and that are very interesting when it comes to protecting our privacy. Finally, after the latest Mozilla VPN update, these functions are available, and thanks to them we will be able to browse with total security and privacy thanks to Firefox.

Firefox VPN service improvements

One of the new features that we find is Multi-Hop. Thanks to it, what the VPN connection does is redirect the traffic through two VPN servers instead of using just one. This double jump gives us an additional layer of protection so that if one of the servers falls into the hands of hackers or malicious users, our connection will continue to be protected.

Multi Hop Mozilla VPN

This not only gives us an improvement in the security, privacy and anonymity of our connections, but also offers, on certain occasions, a performance improvement and a reduction in latency.

Another novelty that we find in this service is the service of Custom DNS. Thanks to it, users will be able to choose a specific VPN server when connecting to the Internet through this server. We can use any server on the PC and then, for example, specify another more secure server, private or designed to block certain Internet content to obtain an additional layer of security when we connect through the VPN.

What is the price of Mozilla VPN?

Unfortunately (and of course), this VPN server is not free, but to use it, we will have to pay a subscription. This subscription, which we can buy from here, allows us to connect up to 5 devices at the same time with a single subscription and access more than 400 servers in more than 30 countries different. Data is encrypted on our device so that neither Mozilla nor Mullvad can access it, and we do not have any bandwidth limitations or any of our activity is logged.

The price for the service is 4.99 euros per month (paying 12 months at a time) or, otherwise, paying 9.99 euros per month, for each individual month.

Of course, Mozilla VPN offers us that extra privacy and anonymity for all those users who need it that its rivals such as Chrome or Edge do not offer us. An excellent way to continue differentiating yourself from your rivals and, incidentally, obtain benefits to be able to continue developing and improving the browser.

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