First details of the new Apple movie with Tom Hanks

Finch, Tom Hanks’ new movie

As we have mentioned, Tom Hanks is not a newbie to Apple TV + since he has a film that has been a success such as Greynhound: Under the Sea, set on a warship in a historical context. Now he has wanted to make a real change by starring in a film like Finch that falls within the category of Science fiction being set in a futuristic world. In the press release it is reported that it will be directed by Miguel Sapochinik, well known for directing some of the most successful episodes of the Game of Thrones series for which he received numerous awards. Additionally, it will also be produced by Amblin Entertainment and Walden Media.

The synopsis that Apple has offered tells us that this film will star a man, a robot and a dog they belong to the same family. They venture on a mission with the aim of finding a new companion so that the dog is not left alone when the man can no longer be with him. Tom Hanks will play the role of a robotic engineer, Finch, being one of the few survivors of a solar cataclysm that has turned the world he knew into a veritable desert. For a decade Finch was locked in a bunker in order to survive this cataclysm with his goodyear dog and a robot created by himself played by Jones to always accompany the dog.

This trio of characters throughout the film ventures on a journey through a desolate desert that is truly dangerous. During this trip Finch He will try to teach his robot all about creation by being baptized as Jeff. Also throughout the film on this journey they will encounter different challenges and also moments of humor. But the real challenge for Finch is getting both Jeff and Goodyear to get along while facing all the dangers.

When the premiere will take place

Apple has reported that this new film It will premiere exclusively on Apple TV + on November 5. This means that it will not bet on a premiere days before in theaters as if it happens with other films. What is clear is that they are betting on those contents and actors that have worked on the platform to produce new films that give a new rise in subscriptions or maintain existing ones.

In addition to this premiere, others of relevance are also expected, such as Emancipation by Antoine Faqua and even Killes of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCrapio. Without a doubt, a really interesting end of the year is expected when it comes to content on the Apple TV + platform. This will make many users consider having their subscription active, something that obviously interests the company.

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