First look at the new file explorer for Windows 11

Microsoft continues to renew the main applications of its latest operating system and Windows Central says it has had access to the development of the new file explorer for Windows 11 that aims to launch in the final version 23H2 next fall.

Microsoft will update several core areas of the app With a modern design, it will better integrate it with the system’s own interface and will add new functions that will connect the experience with other of its services such as OneDrive cloud storage or the Microsoft 365 suite.

Internal mockups obtained by Windows Central reveal that the header will be redesigned with a new directory box. The search box will also be revamped and a “start” button will be introduced. Existing header buttons such as “new”, “copy” and “paste” will be moved to the file/folder view just below the header.

Redmond boys follow promoting their own services and File Explorer for Windows 11 will integrate with Microsoft 365 in several ways. For example, the home page will begin to display recommended content taken from this office automation and productivity service, undoubtedly the most important of those offered by Microsoft today.

In this way, users will be able to view recent email threads and comments on files shared via the cloud between multiple colleagues or email attachments. This information will be visible at a glance in the files being shared or through the details panel. It will also use large thumbnails with rich previews to separate recommendations from “Pinned” and “Recent” sections.

The left-side navigation panel will also be updated with more modern code, rounded button highlights, and better touchscreen capabilities. The details panel will receive a significant update to align with the rest of the app.

Another part of the revamp is heading towards improving the photo viewing experience with a new “Gallery” area. Users will be able to see larger previews just by hovering over them and will debut a tagging feature, inspired by what the macOS Finder offers, that will allow users to organize and categorize specific files using keywords and colors.

They say the new file explorer for Windows 11 will be the biggest update since the launch of Windows 8 10 years ago. And it is necessary. It is a very important application for every operating system.

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