First Returnal Video for PC Confirms NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR Support

We have been seeing rumors for some time that clearly indicate that Returnal is being ported to PC, and that the release of said version could be imminent, since the game seems to be totally finished. We have no official confirmation from either Housemarque or Sony Interactive, but thanks to a new leak already there is no doubt that version existsand that it could hit the market at any time.

In the attached video we can see the graphic settings menu of Returnal for PC. That video also confirms two important things, that the game will be NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR compliantand that will come with ray tracing applied to shadows and highlights. We haven’t been able to see the full menu, so we don’t know if it will also include ray tracing applied to lighting, but the PS5 version did, so the PC version should have it too.


The version of AMD FSR used has not been specified, but is listed as a space rescaler in the game settings, so everything seems to indicate that we would be facing the version 1.0, Regrettably. It’s a shame because version 2.0 offers much better results, thanks to the use of temporary elements (information from previous frames).

We are waiting for the release date of Returnal for PC to be confirmed, and also for the minimum and recommended requirements to appear. However, the video also lets us see something interesting in this regard, and that is that CPU usage rate is very low, since it usually drops below 20%, and that the use of the GPU does not reach 100% either. This seems to indicate a bottleneck at the CPU level, and clearly indicates that we are facing a game that will pull more IPC than cores and threads.

Sony may take advantage the christmas season to launch the PC version of Returnal. It makes a lot of sense, although as we have said there is nothing confirmed, so right now the only thing we can do is wait for official information about it.

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