First reviews of Venom 2: a real chaos with a final surprise

Venom: There Will Be Carnage, A Long-awaited Film

We could practically say that all cinema films are now “highly anticipated” after the terrible months of drought, due to the pandemic, that we have suffered, but in the case of the second part of Venom, those two words take on special weight. And is that There will be slaughter, which had its premiere scheduled for October of last year, has not stopped stumbling on the agenda since its delay was announced, with endless rescheduling until finally choosing a release date.

It will finally be the October 1st when the tape sees the light in the US, while in Spain there are cinemas that have the premiere set for October 8 – the rest on October 15, the last date established before Sony a few days ago I decided to give it a squeeze and move it forward to everyone’s surprise.

As you already know, in Venom 2 we will continue to see what the relationship between the symbiote and the journalist is like Eddie brock and how the bloodthirsty Carnage, the serial killer’s alter ego, spends them Cletus Kasady, a quite attractive plot a priori – the first part was very popular – about which we can now learn a little more thanks to the first reviews published by fans who have had access to a special screening in London.

Frantic, better than the first and with surprise credits

The opinions that come to us after the release in the London city could not be more hopeful. The production company has decided to offer a viewing called “Fans First” in which a select group has been able to access the tape before anyone else.

Among the “fans” were people who are dedicated to writing about cinema and who have not hesitated to affirm that the second part of Venom is even better than the first, with a frenetic pace, actors who know how to give the perfect touch to their characters and with a final surprise as a post-credit that few expect – remember, don’t even think about getting up from your chair when the film ends.

These are some of the opinions collected on Twitter:

«#VenomLetThereBeCarnage is the craziest movie of the year and a notable improvement over the first movie. It absolutely flies by and Woody Harrelson introduces himself as Cletus Kasady / Carnage, a villain I’ve been waiting to see in live action for years. STAY for the end credits !! »

«#Venom Let There Be Carnage is a frantic mix of friendship film, romance (Venom❤️Eddie) and horror. You don’t waste time getting down to business and it won’t go soft. Hardy is amazing and Harrelson IS Carnage.

# Venom2 ″

The complete and utter perfect chaos! Go see the movie on October 15! #vanom #fansfirst »

#VenomLetThereBeCarnage’s greatest strength is its frenetic pace and exhilarating action. Coinciding with the kinetic energy that Tom Hardy has with himself.
Woody Harrelson enjoys being Kletus / Carnage and is perfect for the role.

OMG, stay for the credits

What do you think of what you have read so far? Do you want to see it even more now?

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