Fiskaly arrives in Spain, Austrian technology to comply with our taxation

Fiskaly is a new SaaS solution for the inspection and digitization of receipts. Of Austrian origin, the startup landed in Spain with the aim of offering its technology in this market. your solution SIGN IS is a digital and cloud-based tool that enables businesses to meet with current tax regulations in a simple and automated wayeliminating the risk of sanctions by the tax authorities.

Advances in digitization and technology in the business market and among the administrations themselves are giving rise to different European regulators launch new regulatory projects that seek to promote fiscal transparency. In Spain, the first example is found in TicketBAI. Promoted by the Foral Treasuries of the Basque Country since 2021 and currently in the last implementation period, the regulation obliges companies that pay taxes in the area to share the information of all invoices issued with the corresponding authorities. VeriFactu will require the same at the national level from 2024.

These regulations are forcing businesses to adapt their billing processes to be able to send the required information. In the Basque case, each time an invoice is issued, companies must transfer certain tax data to the Foral Treasury in an XML file. The operation of VeriFactu will be similar, which, unlike projects in other countries, not only puts the responsibility on taxpayers, but also extends it to software manufacturers. POS providers and billing solutions must offer a product that meets tax requirements.

SIGN ES: tax technology with a European vision and local adaptation

The solution developed by fiskaly makes it easier for taxpayers and suppliers to adapt to the regulations. the company arose four years ago in vienna, with the ambition of filling an existing gap in the market for SaaS solutions in tax matters. Currently, it has more than 500 clients (mainly POS providers) and its technology is used by 200,000 businesses in the three markets in which it operates: Austria, Germany and, now, Spain. All this has translated into exponential business growth: its revenues in 2021 multiplied by 10 those obtained in the previous period, and in 2022 they grew by 60%.

The tool, digital and in the cloud, connects via API with different software and guarantees regulatory compliance, updating itself in the event of any regulatory change. In this way, POS providers and their customers comply with tax legislation in a simple way, saving time and resources. In addition, fiskaly also automates obtaining the digital certificate required of each taxpayer.

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SIGN ES, which will be available in the Basque Country from May, has the TicketBAI guarantor software license in the three provincial councils (Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Araba). Starting next year, the tool will also be launched nationwide for VeriFactu compliance.

Spain is a peculiar market in that it has different tax authorities, with different regulations and requirements. Consequently, manufacturers of billing technology have to adapt their product according to the regulations that their clients adhere to. With fiskaly this process is digitized. For this reason, we are very excited about the arrival in Spain, since our product covers an urgent need in the market”Explain Elizabeth Nogales, responsible for the fiskaly business in Spain. “In addition, we help Spanish companies in their expansion in Europe. Our solution simplifies and automates tax compliance; allowing them to reach countries with peace of mind whose legislation they may not know”.

Bilbao It has been the location chosen to open the first office in our country, due to its proximity to the businesses regulated by the first bill fiscal transparency project (TicketBAI). The team starts with 7 employees who are part of a global workforce of more than 75 professionals.

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