Five digital marketing keys to increase your online sales at Christmas

There are only a few weeks to Christmas, December is an important month for many ecommerce. Giving gifts, organizing dinners or buying details for those who matter most are usually some of the incremental expenses that many Spaniards make each December and, as a consequence, online purchases increase notably.

Survey GoDaddy 2021 Digitalization Observatory: Study on the Digital Maturity of Micro-businesses in Spain and Europe, carried out by GoDaddy, shows that 58% of small Spanish companies already have a presence on social networks and 55% with a web page. Seeing this advancement in digitization, it’s time to make the most of this shopping season by using a variety of new digital marketing activities to help a business grow. For this, it is essential that they know what are the appropriate marketing strategies to get the most out of this special time of year.

GoDaddy, A company that empowers entrepreneurs in their day-to-day lives, wants to help Spanish entrepreneurs make the most of these Christmas days by sharing these five digital marketing tips:

  • Christmas “everywhere”: a business website or online store, during the month of December, has to be consistent with the moment the user is visiting it. Therefore, to create a positive experience, ecommerce must adapt creatives, images and highlight the products that have more room during the Christmas shopping season. In addition, they can run targeted advertising on other holiday-related portals by placing specific banners (a type of advertising only used by 11% of the small businesses surveyed), pointing to the company’s website.
  • Promotion on social networks: On these dates it is essential to carry out a good campaign on social networks to reach all possible potential customers. According to the GoDaddy survey that we cited earlier, 80% of small Spanish businesses have a presence on Facebook, 65% on Instagram, 54% on WhatsApp, 27% on YouTube and 31% on Twitter, so they must make use of these profiles especially on these dates. Posting specific content, creating contests, Christmas giveaways or launching some special promotions are some of the best digital marketing strategies. If to this is added a good ad campaign on Instagram or Facebook, for example, the digital strategy will be stronger.
  • Email marketing as a conversion channel: This is a great way to get closer to the customer and improve communication. In fact, according to the GoDaddy survey, 48% of Spanish entrepreneurs affirm that they already send email marketing and 53% carry out specific emailing campaigns. Congratulating each user on the holidays while showing Christmas promotions and offers or presenting them with special products can encourage them to enter the website. At GoDaddy Email Marketing there are many different professional-looking layouts that are capable of adapting to all screen sizes.
  • Thematic promotions and discounts: an exclusive holiday or limited-time offer may prompt potential customers to click “buy.” Although it is true that at Christmas there are many who increase expenses, it can be useful to offer them help to simplify their purchases. If, due to the type of product, it is not possible to implement a discount, other alternatives can be considered: free shipping, promotional codes for future purchases or installment payments.
  • Shipments on time: Christmas is a difficult time for this challenge of getting gifts to arrive on time. Many Spaniards leave their purchases to the last minute, so offering delivery dates for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Three Kings can be a determining factor in making a purchase with a business. Therefore, it is essential to be very careful with the shipping and delivery dates that are shared with customers. An important strategy is to confirm delivery times, as this will provide additional guidance to shoppers and can make them feel more comfortable buying their gifts on a web page, knowing that they will arrive on time.

“Focusing efforts on implementing and improving digital marketing techniques during the holiday season can be an essential way for Spanish small businesses and entrepreneurs to make the most of this important shopping season. GoDaddy supports small business owners across the country by offering online products and services to help them create their own online store to sell their unique products and services, with a variety of checkout options, to engage directly with their customers. “, highlights Gianluca Stamerra, GoDaddy’s Senior Director in Southern Europe.

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