Five iPhone shortcuts that will make your life easier

If you didn’t know it yet, your iPhone is capable of performing a whole bunch of tedious tasks automatically thanks to the Shortcuts app. Here are some examples of uses that make life easier.

In recent years, iPhones and iPads have all been equipped with an application called “Shortcuts” which promises to make life easier for owners of Apple mobile devices. Extremely complete and powerful, this application allows you to execute scripts ranging from simple notification when you arrive at a place to almost complete control of a remote computer.

If you want to familiarize yourself with this app, here are some useful tips and shortcuts.

How to install and download shortcuts

How to install shortcuts?

Apple’s app comes with a gallery of pre-made shortcuts that let you automate some simple tasks. But the selection made by Apple is relatively limited. Fortunately, it is possible to look for scripts elsewhere.

Go to the app Settings then look for the section dedicated to the application Shortcuts. You should see a switch allowing you toallow untrusted shortcuts.

the method to activate “untrusted” shortcuts // Source: Screenshot

If the setting does not appear or is grayed out, go to the Shortcuts application and perform one of the Default shortcuts present in the tab My Shortcuts. Once a first shortcut is used, you can come back to the app Settings to allow untrusted shortcuts.

Where to download shortcuts?

As we said, Apple has its own catalog of shortcuts. If you want to look beyond that said, you can find shortcuts all over the web.

The best sources for finding useful shortcuts are probably the dedicated Reddit community which is overflowing with imagination to create more or less useful programs. If you are comfortable in English, you will find valuable resources there.

The site also offers a bunch of shortcuts created by the community. It is possible to filter by applications, by number of installations, by category or by popularity. A real secondary store. Once on a shortcut page, all you have to do is click on Get Shortcut to bring it back to your phone.

Easily share your Wi-Fi password

If you have ever wanted to communicate the Wi-Fi password of your box to a guest, you know that it can sometimes be a complex task. Default passwords are long and complex, and are most often printed on the back of boxes so not easily accessible.

Share Wi-Fi solves this problem very simply. With one click, your phone generates a QR Code containing all the connection information to the Wi-Fi network to which your iPhone is connected. All that remains for the person opposite is to scan the code with their telephone to connect.

Automatically calculate your journey time

Travel Time to Address does one thing, but does it well. This shortcut lets you quickly know how long it will take you to reach a predefined address. If, for example, you are looking for the address of a concert hall on the Internet, all you have to do is select it, press Share in the floating menu and then select the shortcut that should appear in the share menu. You should be notified of the time required for your trip.

By default, the shortcut calculates the journey by car, but by entering the shortcut settings it is possible to specify whether you are traveling by bike, car, transport or on foot.

Control your battery

The power saving mode of iOS allows you to cut off all ancillary functions, in case you want to preserve your battery as much as possible. Intelligent Power automates this task below a certain battery threshold.

Once the installation is complete, the shortcut will ask you from which threshold you want to engage the energy saving mode. An extreme power saving mode (which cuts all connections) is also offered.

Reminder at the office or at home

If you want to create location-based reminders, there is a very effective shortcut for that. Or rather two shortcuts, both edited by Apple: Remind me at work and Remind me at home.

As the names explain, these two little shortcuts simply allow a notification to appear when you arrive at one of the two addresses specified.

Pin your favorite contacts to your desktop

If you have certain contacts that you call frequently, and you want quick and easy access to them, the Speed ​​Dial shortcut lets you pin a shortcut to your home screen with multiple pre-stored numbers.

Once the shortcut has been installed and the contacts have been chosen, go into its settings (by clicking on the 3 dots of the appropriate icon) then press again on the three dots at the top right and you can pin the icon by clicking on the entrance On the home screen.

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