Five perfect games to change the time (to summer)

In the real world we cannot control time, which passes inexorably and, as the poet recalled, it is like water that escapes through our fingers. But in video games it is another story because we have examples of narratives that take us to other times, or simply allow us to briefly go back and forth to complete whatever objective they have entrusted to us. Be that as it may, We are going to celebrate the time change this weekend in a very special way.

The power of time in the palm of your hand

Few things are more satisfying than being able to do whatever we want over time… in video games at least. That feeling that we are some kind of heroes with supernatural powers is quite cool, really. So for the reason that this next morning the time changes in Spain to adjust to summer time, and that at 2:00 p.m. at dawn it will be 3:00 a.m., we have decided to remember five classics where we can go back and forth without problems from the past to the future and the present. Or vice versa.

With nothing more to add, let’s start with our select list.

super hot

We start with a game that has unique mechanics. A simple title in which we will have to face hordes of armed enemies to the teeth, with the incentive that time will only advance when we move, so we will have to be very careful with the decisions we make.


A title that, in our opinion, was not particularly valued at the time and is wonderful. In an alternate world in which, after World War II, the only country with nuclear weapons is the United States, Russia, desperate to win the nuclear war, is the mess. Time travel, parallel realities in the purest style of back to the future 2 and decisions that condition the whole story. Brilliant!

life is strange

One of the most important graphic adventures of recent years. In it we will control a girl who has visions of destruction of her hometown, and she will be the only one who can solve it. In this history time will be against us and although we can handle it, It will be an enemy to defeat to save our small coastal town.

Quantum Break

We come to the game that has best known how to take advantage of time manipulation in recent years, since we will control two protagonists who, once an experiment has gone really wrong, they will get temporary powers and they will be immersed in a mutual pursuit. An exciting story but with a gameplay that many other titles would like to have.

Day of the Tentacle

For last we have left “the mother of all time travel games”. One of the most remembered and acclaimed graphic adventures in history. This LucasArts classic presents us with a crazy story that involves evil tentacles who want to dominate the world, a group of kids in the purest style of the goonies and time travel where we will meet some of the most emblematic figures and places in US history. What can we say?

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