Five places from the Harry Potter movies that you will see in Hogwarts Legacy

Within the magical world of Harry Potter there are a large number of emblematic places that have won the hearts of fans, and not only through the books, but also through the movies where we could enjoy them turned into reality. And now, in the new Hogwarts Legacy we will be able to access some of these locations and visit them at our whim, as we want.

A movie set in a video game

Fans of the Harry Potter literary saga are in luck, since from February 10 we will have it on PC and next-generation consoles Hogwarts Legacythe first major title within the franchise created by JK Rowling. This game will take us to the 19th century while we attend our classes to become great magicians.

One of the aspects that players are liking the most is that In this title we can live the Hogwarts experience in full, interacting with the students and teachers, the fauna of the wizarding world and, the reason we are here today, exploring the most iconic places in that ancient castle.

That is why here we bring you a list of the five places that appear in the Harry Potter movies and that you can also explore in Hogwarts Legacy. Without further ado, let’s begin ¬°Accio Lista!

The common rooms

Continuing with the theme of houses, also we can explore the four common rooms, which serve as a gathering point for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students, as well as a dormitory. Of course, you may only have access to the common room of the house to which you belong.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Surely the most iconic classroom in the franchise will also be explorable in Hogwarts Legacy. As one of the subjects that you will have to take, we assure you that the time you spend in this room (which will not be exactly short) will fly by.

the great hall

It will probably be the first place you visit our Harry once arrives at the castle, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the Great Hall. Within the movies This room serves as a dining room. as well as the place where the Sorting Hat ceremony takes place, in which each student will be assigned to one of the four houses of the school. In Hogwarts Legacy you will also have to see your face with the charismatic magic hat.

the forbidden forest

One of the most mysterious areas within the Hogwarts grounds is undoubtedly this forest that surrounds the school. Within the game you can enter this region and face all the mysteries that awaits inside. Centaurs, giants, spiders and endless dangers that are waiting for you.

The Quidditch Pitch

Last but not least, we have the place where they have happened in the movies the most frenetic and adrenaline scenes. In this place you can play Quidditch matches like in your wildest dreams. The truth is that we really want to, right?

And you? have you already booked Hogwarts Legacy?

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