Five reasons to make the leap to Wi-Fi 6

The arrival of the Wi-Fi 6 standard was an important advance compared to Wi-Fi 5, and this already represented, in turn, a very big leap compared to Wi-Fi 4. The evolution that these different standards have followed has been very marked, and thanks to this we have been able to enjoy a wireless Internet connection getting better, more stable, safe and fast.

It is true that, today, with a Wi-Fi 5 connection we can continue to enjoy a very good experience, but if we decide to fully embrace the Wi-Fi 6 standard we will experience a great leap, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. By this I mean that, in the end, this new standard represents much more than a simple performance improvement, a reality that the most advanced users are already very clear about, but of which not everyone is aware.

Most users tend to associate each new Wi-Fi standard with an increase in speed, but they stay there, on the surface, and do not see beyond it. For this reason, we wanted to share this article with you, where we are going to discover Five reasons why it is worth making the leap to Wi-Fi 6 standard. Yes, one of them is his increased speed, but you probably don’t know about the other four reasons.

1.-Wi-Fi 6 reaches higher speeds

With Wi-Fi 5 we could reach a combined speed, in a 4×4 configuration, of up to 2,533 Mbps, an impressive figure if we compare it with the maximum offered by the Wi-Fi 4 standard, but Wi-Fi 6 has exceeded enormously that figure when carrying it up to 6,000 Mbps combinedalso in a 4×4 configuration, and with a channel width of 160 MHz.

If we do numbers, we will realize that this new standard can double the maximum speed of the previous one, which means that we will have a greater bandwidth that will allow us to face with all the guarantees whatever we want to do even enjoy multimedia content in 4K or 8K resolution, without having to tie ourselves to the cable.

2.-Wi-Fi 6 improves the experience with several connected devices

This new standard reaches a much higher speed compared to Wi-Fi 5, which means that we can have several connected devices consuming bandwidth without the experience being affected, but this is not all, Wi-Fi 6 also improves the management of multi-device environments.

With Wi-Fi 6 you uses OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access), a fundamental feature that improves the management of multiple connected devices, allowing the simultaneous transmission of data to several users on the same channel, making an improved and efficient use of channel resources, coordinating the resources according to the type of traffic (differentiating between light and heavy loads) and preventing each device from occupying an entire channel with low usage.

3.-Greater security in your wireless connection

Five reasons to make the jump to Wi-Fi 6 (1)

Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices use, without exception, the WPA3 protocol, the natural evolution of WPA2 and a much more secure option than the previous one. In WPA2, the encryption is 128 bits, while with WPA3 encryption can be up to 192 bits.

But that’s not all, this new standard also replaces pre-shared key exchange with concurrent peer authentication, resulting in a more secure initial key exchange in personal mode. On the other hand, WPA3 should reduce the security problems posed by weaker passwords.

4.-Greater autonomy in all your devices

Using the Wi-Fi 6 standard can help reduce the battery consumption of our mobile devices, including from smartphones to tablets, laptops and any other type of equipment that we have connected to the Internet wirelessly.

The key to this lies in the “Target Wake Time” technology, which determines how long connected devices can enter sleep mode when data transmissions are taking place. By improving the management of sleep mode, it is possible to reduce battery consumption, and with it autonomy is improved of connected devices.

5.-Less latency to be the best in your favorite games

Who said that it is not possible to play online using a wireless connection? With the new Wi-Fi 6 standard you will not only enjoy higher speeds, which will reduce waiting times when downloading your favorite content and games, but you will also have in your favor all the advantages of a very low latency.

In previous articles we have already talked about the role of latency in online games, so I invite you to follow this link if you have any questions about it. With Wi-Fi 6, latency can be reduced to about 10 milliseconds, a figure that means that, in short, we will enjoy a perfect gaming experience.

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