Five reasons why you should change your carrier’s router

It may take a while Thinking of changing the router that your operator installed when you contracted your Internet connection, but that you have not dared to take the step because you are not sure if it will really be worth that investment. Do not worry, it is totally normal, in fact this is one of the issues that still generates the most doubts among users.

It is also a curious topic, because some people believe that they do not need to change the router, and that keeping the same model for years is perfectly viable and safe. Obviously the reality is totally opposite, and that is that with the passage of time that router will become obsolete and its level of benefits, its functions and its security measures will no longer be up to par.

On the other hand, it can also happen that the operator installs a router that not up to our internet connection, and does not support the latest industry standards. This can be a serious problem, since it will prevent us from really enjoying the full potential of our Internet connection, and our devices.

In this article we want to help you take the step and make the decision to change the router that your operator gave you, and for this we are going to tell you five important advantages that you can enjoy if you decide to stop a router of the latest generation. As always, if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments.

1.-Changing the router will improve performance

A good part of the routers installed by the operators that are used today are mid-range or low-mid-range models, and have a minimum age of 5 years, which means that they are not capable of offering the same level of performance as a router released in the last two years.

Only with this data we can get an idea of the difference that we can get to notice, in terms of performanceif we change the router that the operator gave us for a more current one, and the best thing is that we will not have to spend a lot of money to notice a very big jump, especially in wireless connections.

Many of those very old routers have a theoretical maximum speed of 300 Mbps under Wi-Fi 4 (2.4 GHz), and a theoretical maximum peak of 1,000 Mbps under Wi-Fi 5. These are theoretical maximum values, and as far as we know we move away a bit, it is normal to find much lower values ​​that can be around between 600 and 200 Mbps.

With a router like the AVM FRITZ! 7530 AX, which is priced at just 177 euros, we could enjoy a theoretical top speed of 600Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 1800Mbps in the 5GHz band. We are doubling the theoretical maximum performancewith all that this entails when we move away from the router.

2.-You will be able to access the latest generation standards

change the router of your operator (6)

This is another of the most important advantages that we will enjoy when changing the router. We continue with the previous example, as we have said, most of the routers delivered by default by the operators in recent years are limited to the Wi-Fi 5 standard, that is, They are not compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

With the AVM FRITZ! 7530 AX we could enjoy all the advantages offered by this new standard, and that affect both the performance and the latency, the security and the autonomy of the wireless devices that we have connected. If you want to delve into this topic, I invite you to read this article where we saw all the advantages that Wi-Fi 6 offers.

3.-Optimal operation in multi-device environments

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A new router will be compatible with new standards, which will improve its ability to work and its performance in multi-device environments. Continuing with the previous example, the AVM FRITZ! 7530 AX is compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which means that incorporates OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies.

OFDMA allows the router send signal to several devices through a single channel, which avoids having to deliver the signal to these one by one and leaving the rest waiting. MU-MIMO technology is not new, we already know that, but it has received important improvements that will allow us to connect up to 8 devices simultaneouslywhile before we could only have four.

With these technologies we will not only enjoy greater performance in multi-device environments, but we will also have an improved user experience and we won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi saturation when several users are connected at the same time.

4.-Improved security and range

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The Wi-Fi 6 standard, and newer routers, have enhanced security features. Change our operator’s router for an AVM FRITZ router! 7530 AX will allow us to access all these improvements. At the security level we can highlight the WPA3 and VPN encryptionand we will also have all the control and parental protection features of FRITZ!OS.

In addition to security, it will also improve the range of our Wi-Fi connection, and that is that the Wi-Fi 6 standard has the Color BSS technology, which serves to deal with the growing saturation of wireless networks by making the router know how to differentiate the signals and ignore those that do not correspond to it.

5.-New functions and configuration possibilities

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Switching to a new router will also allow us to access new features, and we will have different configuration options at our disposal that will make our lives easier. In the case of the AVM FRITZ! 7530 AX, we can enjoy all the advantages offered by FRITZ!OSa very complete operating system based on Linux.

Through said operating system we will be able to configure all the passwords for our Internet connection, view the connected devices and identify possible intruders, easily create guest networks, establish advanced parental control policies and much more. This operating system is updated regularly, so get new features and improvements.

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