Five tips before buying a refurbished mobile

More and more consumers are betting on refurbished phones when they have to change mobile. Not only to save some money, but also to take care of the environment by giving a second chance to products that have been previously used. However, not all refurbished phones are the same, so we must ensure that we choose the right option.

If you are thinking of buying a smartphone refurbished, Smaaart – firm specializing in the reconditioning of devices – offers you the keys to make the right purchase. Take note!

1. Where does the refurbished mobile come from?

Choosing well where to buy the refurbished phone is the most important aspect to consider. From Smaaart they advise opting for a mobile marketed by a professional reconditioner that monopolizes the entire process from the purchase of used mobiles, to the diagnosis, reconditioning and subsequent sale, which allows for good traceability of the device.

Likewise, it is important that this industrial process is carried out by expert technicians and includes phases such as complete wipe of data and the QA.

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2. How is the mobile reconditioned?

Before buying a refurbished mobile, it is essential that you find out about its condition and check that it meets all quality standards. To be able to offer a mobile 100% functional, the reconditioner must follow industrial reconditioning processes and have innovative diagnostic tools that allow all functionalities to be checked. It is important to delete the data, unlock it for all carriers and offer a guarantee.

3. Do you have warranty and offer after-sales service?

Refurbished phones must offer the user a guarantee that protects him in case of problems in the operation of the device. In the case of Smaaart, this guarantee is 24 months, same as a new phone, and covers electronic and mechanical failures. Also, the company offers a internal customer service in its factory located in the south of France, from where the guarantee can be claimed, and it offers a return period of 30 days.

4. Is it really sustainable?

One of the reasons why more and more people are betting on refurbished mobiles is because they are a more respectful option with the planet, since more than 80% of the carbon pollution of a smartphone It is due to its manufacture. However, for your purchase to be truly sustainable, you must verify that the seller uses responsible proceduresputs the circular economy into practice and has a short-distance telephone collection and distribution circuit.

5. Is it worth investing in a refurbished?

After asking yourself these questions, the question is: is it worth investing in a refurbished phone? The answer is clearly yes. However, we should not only be guided by economic savings, but also by the quality of the products and services, the reconditioning process and the guarantees offered by the seller.

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