Five tips to sell more through ChatGPT

The Artificial intelligence it has more and more presence in the corporate sphere. In fact, 11.8% of Spanish organizations with more than ten people make use of it, according to a report by the National Observatory for Technology and Society (ONTSI), four points more than last year.

The November 2022 launch of ChatGPT, the generative AI chatbot created by OpenAI, has turned out to be quite a discovery for those who still looked at the progress in this field with some suspicion. The consulting firm UBS admits that this conversational engine has managed to reach 100 million users in two monthsbeing the internet platform that has grown the fastest in history.

For Sergi RamoCEO and founder of groWZ Consultants, resorting to this service on a day-to-day basis in any company would help to be more efficient in the hybrid sale. The expert acknowledges thatapply to the commercial routine the advantages of using this AI chatbot It will allow us to automate processes and spend more time on strategic decisions”.

improve productivity

The writing long texts from two or three ideas expressed in just a few lines is one of the features that a seller can take advantage of. “No more going blank when making a business proposal and sending it by email”assures Ramo, adding that “it is important that the ChatGPT response is modeled and customized to serve our purposes”.

Another way to take advantage of this chatbot would be to ask it how optimize our Linkedin page to make it more attractive. “The profile that we show through this professional social network is an essential complement to our website and the gateway for many potential clients”says Ramo.

In this line, ChatGPT is consolidating itself as a very useful tool for generate content within social networks: “Offering advice through Instagram or TikTok and not just information about our product is essential to attract trust, gain reputation and support social selling”exposes Ramo.

Furthermore, ChatGTP can also be used to automate other tasks that consume time and prevent the hybrid seller from focusing on what really adds value, such as converting WhatsApp audio to text or condensing the key points of very long texts into a short summary.

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