Five tips to start playing with Goose Goose Duck

games style clueless They have become very popular in recent years, especially thanks to the immense recognition that they achieved back in 2020. among us. Now, we have an alternative with a very similar development but starring a whole horde of ducks with different roles. her name is Goose Goose Duck.

The best duck detective of all time

Goose Goose Duck It is a title that has been in the ranking of the most used games on Steam for a few weeks, which clearly indicates that His popularity continues to grow and now allows him to rub shoulders with the big names from the Valve store, like pubg, DOTA 2, Apex Legends and many more. Of course, unlike among us and its colored astronauts, here the thing is not to put the paw to win (bad joke).

That’s why then We bring you five tips to start playing in Goose Goose Duck I’m sure they will be of great help to you. Now, without further ado, let’s start this little review.

Geese be very careful

In the game there are two types of birds that we can control: ducks and geese. The objective of the latter is to complete all the tasks that appear in their menu, while the former must eliminate them one by one without being detected. For those who play like geese, a recommendation that we make is that although it is necessary to finish all the tasks, if what you want is to stay alive you better run away like there’s no tomorrow of any duck you come across. Do not dedicate even a mere quack.

Elementary, my dear Duckson

One of the main elements of this type of game is their meetings in which they try to discover the murderer. It is very important not to stay with the first thing you see at the crime scene and try to dig a little deeper. If we see a companion next to one of the dead, it is better not to take out the torches first and try to find out a little, always as far as possible.

Goose Goose Duck.

Don’t touch the button if you don’t have to

One of the main differences between among us and Goose Goose Duck the thing is in the second there is a limited number of times a player can summon an emergency meeting, so it is better not to press the button if it is not a matter of life or death… never better said. Companions might get fed up with you if you summon too many for nonsense, so best to stay put.

your vote counts

One function that is often overlooked in meetings is that at the time of voting who will be expelled we can choose not to vote. If you are not totally convinced that the person you are voting for is to blame, it is better not to expel anyone. If the defendant is innocent, there may be retaliation at the next meeting.

always in good company

The best way to avoid being killed and the murderer going unpunished is to always be accompanied by someone friend if possible That way the killer will have to think twice before trying to kill you.

And you? have you played Goose Goose Duck?

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