Five tips to start without scares in Rainbow Six Siege

The shooter Multiplayer games are undoubtedly one of the most popular genres and are capable of selling in the millions. And in the case of this Ubisoft title, which is going to celebrate a decade in 2024 without ceasing updating, adding new maps and operators and, above all, fueling an eSports scene that has been a big part of its success. And as he usually says, “it is never too late…”, so if it is now when you want to discover the benefits of this title, we are going to give you some advice.

Attackers vs. Defenders

Within the diverse world of FPS, and with titles such as call of duty either BattefieldIt seems that not many people remember rainbow six siege as one of those who have nothing to envy the other two. Besides, It has one of the most active communities within the current panorama multiplayer. That is why below we bring you a list with five tips if you have decided (finally!) to try it and enjoy as much as its still millions of followers.

Good recognition is vital

Before beginning what is in itself the action, there is a small preparation phase in which the attackers, through the use of drones, must make a general reconnaissance of the map to see where the enemies are, the objectives and what strategy is the best to defeat. This phase is vital, since the more elements you identify, the easier your assault will be.

Always keep cover

In this title it doesn’t matter if it’s raining shrapnel or if your teammates are being massacred, the best option is always to stay under cover. Personally, we have had the bad experience that as soon as you move a half centimeter away from cover, an enemy arrives and eliminates you with a single shot. It is not a pleasant sensation and we do not recommend it at all, so always touch the wall next to you because it will be the one that saves you from leaving your team behind.

Rainbow Six Siege.

Explore all the possibilities of the character

A mistake that many make when they start playing with rainbow six siege is not to leave the default weapon of each operator. Each has its own repertoire of heavy weapons, throwing weapons and abilities, so we strongly recommend that you fully explore everything your character has to offer. You may discover something that will be very useful to you.

Do not stay standing in a room

One of the factors that characterizes rainbow six siege it’s how unpredictable it can be. You never know where the enemies are going to enter, so we recommend that you move around the entire map as far as possible, that is, as long as the enemies do not have you cornered. In addition, people are always needed to defend according to which areas. Bored surely you will not get bored.

Vary the agents you use

Another rookie mistake is to stick with the first agent you see.. We recommend, at least at the beginning, that you try all the operators that you have available, until you find the one that best suits your type of game. Some agents have, for example, more offensive abilities, while others have healing or defensive abilities.

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