Fix crashes in Windows with a registry backup

First we will get is that, when talking about the Windows registry, we refer to one of the most important sections and that most affect the operation of the system. It is more than likely that most of you have heard of it, you have even made some changes here. At the same time, for those of you who do not know what we are talking about, we will try to make it clear.

Say that the Windows’ register It is a complete database where the operating system and its applications store all kinds of configurations. In this way, a good part of the characteristics of the operating system are stored here, hence precisely the importance of which we are talking about. Therefore, inside the registry we can find all kinds of values ​​and settings. They number in the thousands and allow us to modify a multitude of elements of the operating system.

These changes are carried out from the registry editor itself, although first of all we recommend that you do not change it if you do not know what you are doing. And it is that some erroneous change in the registry, as you can imagine, can lead to serious problems in the system or its installed programs. Hence precisely the importance of backups in this section. We access the editor against it just by typing the Regedit command in the search box of the taskbar.

Next, we are going to talk about the situations in which we recommend making a backup copy of this registry, which we are going to comment on.

How to make a copy of the registry editor

First of all, the first thing we should know is the easiest way to make a backup of this element. Thus, the first thing we do is access the editor as we have commented previously. Once we have it on the screen we have to go to the File / Export menu option. With this, what we do is generate a file that houses all the content of our team’s registry.

Therefore, if at any given time we damage it or have a problem here, we can easily restore it from the File / Import menu option.

Make a copy before modifying this section

We have already mentioned previously that from this section we have almost absolute control over all the Windows functions. However, these number in the thousands and are not easy to locate. In this way, it may be the case that we make some modification in the wrong registry, which can damage the system completely or some program.

Therefore, it is quite evident that in these cases the best thing we can do before modifying anything is to make a backup copy. In this way what we achieve is to be able to change this section, and if any misfortune happens, we recover it.

Take Precautions Before Updating Windows 10

About every six months Microsoft itself sends us a new version of its operating system through what are called feature updates. These are packed with new features, improvements, and fixes and are therefore considered important updates. The trouble is that they do not always work as we would like, at least initially.

That is why it will never hurt to carry out a backup copy of this item, before installing a Windows 10 feature update.

Save the registry before making a major change to the system

Perhaps the ideal would be to make a backup copy of this element every time we install or uninstall a Program, but it is a somewhat annoying task. However, we can make a backup copy when we are going to eliminate an important program, especially if it refers to an application that makes modifications to the system. Here those programs that change the Interface By default of Windows, they modify the parameters of the telemetry, etc.

The same happens when we are going to install how to eliminate somewhat problematic applications as it usually happens with antivirus.

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