Fix full screen crashing issues on Discord

On this platform we can find more than 250 million active users. It has a version for computers that has been specially conceived to be used while we play due to its low latency, which may not be exempt from some error. The Discord application has its own shortcut to run in full screen, so that we can use the platform without distractions. This there are times when it fails and can present us with some problems. This is something that can make many players desperate, not in vain, we will not find a way to exit screen mode, which makes it impossible for us to continue using the program normally or return to Windows to execute another task.

Enable full screen in Discord

Discord allows us to use the application in full screen on our computer, pressing the Ctrl + Shift + F keys to make it more attractive and intuitive. This will extend the application throughout the screen, placing it above the Windows taskbar. This will make us use it more comfortably and without possible distractionss that can be reached from the taskbar. However, it may be the case that being in full screen it has been stuck and we cannot return to the desktop.

This problem may be due to the fact that we do not know the possibility of using Discord in full screen and we have entered by mistake and we do not know how to return. In order to solve the problem, we can choose to press the keyboard shortcut again, use the maximize and minimize icons at the top of the application. We can also choose to close the application by force and reopen it or try to reinstall it again. We can even choose to use it from the web browser in case it is a specific problem on the part of the application with no apparent solution.

How to fix screen lock problem

Next, we are going to check some adjustments that we can make to be able to exit the full screen lock in Discord.

Use keyboard shortcuts

If we are new to using a program like Discord, there may be functions that we do not know exist and we activate inadvertently. This is something that can happen when accessing full screen mode, since we can do it by using a keyboard shortcut. It is possible that we have pressed these keys by mistake and we have entered full screen mode and we do not know how to exit it. To do this, simply press the keyboard shortcut again Ctrl + Shift + F at once and we will get exit full screen mode, reappearing the task bar at the bottom. It is also possible to try to exit it by pressing the ESC key or by pressing “Windows + cursor down”. This shortcut should cause the screen to be minimized. In case none of them functions, we must try other options.

On-screen keyboard

Test the buttons at the top of the screen

In the event that the keyboard shortcuts fail to solve the problem, we can try dragging the upper part of the Discord window to see if it moves. It will only be necessary to click with the mouse in the upper part and try to move it. In the event that we can move or drag the window across the desktop, it means that the problem has been solved.

Discord maximize and minimize

Otherwise we can click on the minimize or maximize buttons full screen that we find in the upper part. Likewise, if we can minimize or maximize the window with the buttons, it means that the problem will have been solved.

Close and reopen Discord

Another option to exit full screen mode if it has been locked is through close and reopen again application by force. To be able to close the application, it will be necessary to run the Windows Task Manager, using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Del”, pressed simultaneously. Once opened, we go to the “Process” tab, where we must locate Discord. Now we just have to right-click on the Discord process and select the “End task” option.

End Discord running

This should ensure that the application has been completely closed. Therefore, we only have to start Discord again and check if this has solved the problem and it is no longer displayed in full screen.

Reinstall the app

If the problem persists, it may be because they are corrupt, damaged or missing filess. This is something we can try to fix by reinstalling the app. To do this, the first thing to do is uninstall it. This is something we can do from the Windows Control Panel. It will only be necessary to type control panel in the search box of the Start menu and select it. Later in the “Programs” section, we select “Uninstall a program.”

Uninstall Discord

This will bring up a list of all the programs installed in Windows. We just have to locate Discord, right-click and select “Uninstall.” Once the uninstallation process is complete, we will proceed to reinstall it again. For this we only have to download the installation file from its website.

Use it from the web browser as an alternative

Discord’s full-screen crashing issue may be due to a pervasive Windows application issue. In case we are not able to solve the error we can always choose to change to the browser version.

The Discord web app It allows us to log in with our account from any computer connected to the Internet without having to download the official application. This web version has characteristics similar to those that we can find in its application, allowing us to adjust the browser window while we use it.

Open Discord from browser

You just have to access the Discord website by clicking here and then clicking on the “Open Discord” button in your browser. Subsequently, we enter our username and accept the conditions of service and privacy policy, in order to access our account.

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