Fix this annoying DXGI error while playing on Windows

There are different reasons why the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error message may appear, such as the presence of outdated graphics card drivers, incorrect game settings, faulty DirectX software, monitor frequency synchronization, or having it enabled. CPU overclock.

Fix the appearance of the error

In the event that we encounter this error message while playing, we tell you about possible ways to repair them. These steps can be carried out in the order we want to be able to end the problem.

Disable overclock

When we overclock we are increasing the speed of the CPU, which can have its benefits, but also the appearance of problems due to having a unstable overclocking both in the processor and in the graph itself or some other element, so it can cause the appearance of this DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error with the consequent blocking of our games.

Therefore, if we have overclocked our CPU, we must reconfigure the clock speed of our CPU to the default. Later we restart our PC and test the game with which the error appeared to see if it continues to happen.

Update graphics drivers

As we have mentioned, one of the possible problems for which this failure appears is because we have outdated drivers for our graphics card. Therefore, the first thing we must do to solve this problem is to install the most recent version of them.

This is something that we must do from the Device Manager, which we must access by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + I and selecting it from the list of options. Once in your panel, we display the Screen Adapters section. Next, we right-click on the card and in the context menu we select “To update”. Finally, in the new window we indicate that Windows search for the drivers automatically.

In the event that the system is not able to detect the drivers, we can download them from the manufacturer’s website, such as AMD, NVIDIA or Intel, and install them manually on the computer. To do this, we go back over the previous steps and when updating the driver we select the option “Search for drivers on my computer” and select those that we have downloaded.

Update DirectX

The problem may be caused by a DirectX function on our computer, so we can try to solve it by updating it to its latest version. To do this, we must first see how to know what version we have and then proceed to update it if necessary.

To check which version of DirectX we have installed, we must press the command «Windows + R» to launch the command «Execute». Here we write “Dxdiag” and we click on the OK button or press Enter. This will launch the «DirectX Diagnostic Tool», where we must click on the «System» tab. Here at the bottom we will see the version that we have available.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

To have the latest version of DirectX it is enough to have the system updated to its latest version through Windows Update, which we can access from the Settings section by pressing “Windows + I” and then selecting “Update and security”.

Settings and Windows Update

We can also search for DirectX from the Microsoft Download Center. Through its installer, it will be in charge of updating the DirectX files that are missing on our computer and later it will restart the system so that all the changes are applied. Now we just have to try the game again to see if the bug appears again.

Monitor frequency timing issue

Another of the probable and most common causes of this failure is related to the monitor frequency sync. That is why to put a solution we must activate our game lock at 60 fps, along with activating the “full frameless window” instead of allowing the application to take full control of the screen using the “Exclusive full screen” option. This option is something that is present in some games, although not in all. Therefore, if we have this option available in the game where the error appears, we must deactivate it to solve it.

Modify the LoadApplnit_DLLs value in the registry

Making a small modification to the Loadapplnits.DLL value in the Windows registry can help us fix the problem. To access it, we must press the shortcut «Windows + R», write regedit and press Enter. We must bear in mind that precautions must be taken when using it, since any unwanted action carried out on it can cause system performance failures. That is why they must be carried out under the responsibility of each user.

The first thing will be to create a copy of the registry immediately, for which we click on «File» and «Export». Later we specify «Everything in the export interval», we give it a name and the .reg format and we click on «Save». Next, we must navigate to the following route:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft/ Windows NT / CurrentVersion / Windows

Change the value of LoadApplnit_DLLs

Within the location in the right panel, we must double click on the entry LoadApplnit_DLLs to be able to edit its properties. Here, in the value box we must enter 0 and press «OK» to save the changes. We exit the Editor, restart the system and check if this solves the failure.

Disable syncing with Steam Cloud

In the event that the problem arises while playing from Steam, we can try to disable the “Steam Cloud Synchronization” function, which ensures that our games can be available to play on another computer.

To do this, we start Steam and click on the “Library” tab. Later, in this, we right-click on the game in which the bug appears and select the “Properties”. Next, we click on the “Updates” tab and uncheck the option to “Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization”. Finally, we click OK, close Steam and restart the PC, to later check if the error is solved.

Check system stability

If despite all these attempts this error still appears when playing, It is possible that we have a more serious hardware problem and that the RAM, the hard disk or the processor are giving some type of failures that are more difficult to solve. This would lead us to do a more in-depth study on this topic, such as, for example, checking the stability of the system with MemTest.

MemTest check RAM

It is a tool developed by TPU to check RAM status and perform performance and stability tests to find any possible flaws with it. It is compatible with all types of memories and uses different algorithms to detect any problem very precisely. In addition, it is a portable application, so it does not require installation on the system and can be used from an external storage system such as a hard drive or pendrive. We can download MemTest for free from their website.

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