Fix your old photos so they look like new with these 5 programs

However, everything related to capturing and editing photos has been greatly improved thanks to the Current technology. Almost any user can take spectacular photos with their mobile phone and transfer them in seconds to their computer to have high quality and definition images. Hence precisely the difference that we find between the photos saved a few years ago and the current ones, is enormous in many cases.

We can even have black and white images that at the time we digitized and saved on the hard drive and that we now want to update. It is precisely for all this that we are going to talk about a series of programs that are especially suitable for fixing old photos and making them look more current.

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HitPaw Photo Enhancer

First of all, we will talk about a powerful program that basically allows us to improve the appearance of our old photos, even if they are in black and white. To do this, it proposes various advanced functions such as improving the image resolution which are originally out of focus.

We will also have the possibility of coloring black and white photographs quickly and easily with natural and realistic tones that give them a more current appearance. In fact, thanks to this application we will have the possibility of working with several photos at the same time and it is compatible with the formats usual.

Colorize Photo

When it comes to restoring our old images, there are programs that propose functions over which we can have greater control of the process. This is precisely the case that concerns us in these lines with Colorize Photo, an application of these characteristics especially indicated for users with certain knowledge on the subject.

We just have to choose a digital image that we want to restore and start playing with the different configurable parameters that we find here. At the same time we will have various brushes to modify these images.

AKVIS Coloriage

If what we are looking for is a software solution for these tasks that uses its own artificial intelligence In the process, we might be interested in taking a look at this app. Basically among its functions we can highlight that it allows us to color black and white photos or replace the tones of an original old photo.

We also have tools to correct damaged elements and add a more real and current colorimetry.

CODIJY Colorizer

In this case we find a powerful commercial application, therefore paid, that offers us a version of Free trial. If there is one thing that characterizes this program, it is the enormous number of functions that it offers us to restore our old photos. It gives us the possibility of coloring black and white photos, thanks to the functions of removing old tones and using more current colors.

In addition, it allows us to work collaboratively and we can use different colors distributed by channels. It is worth noting that here we can work with the file formats most common.

Image Colorizer

This is a web application that is characterized by its ease of use when it comes to improving our old photos. The application itself is responsible for analyzing the image and coloring it today automatically using his artificial intelligence. Hence, the restoration process is carried out in such a way that we do not have to do almost nothing.

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