Flash or Java: Which technology had the biggest impact on the web?

In addition to the usefulness and all kinds of platforms that the network presents to us at this time, another section that we must take into consideration is that related to security. It must be borne in mind that by connecting in one way or another we are exposed to our personal data. Hence precisely the importance of the precautions we take, and the security of the software we use.

Before we have mentioned two standards that surely most of you are more than familiar. Specifically we refer to Flash and Java, elements that at the time had an enormous importance on the internet but which at the moment have become practically obsolete. In fact, it could be considered that both have established a good part of the precedents of what the network is today, but already improved.

Flash and Java on the internet are already history

For many years these elements were considered as service software. The main reason for this is that its operation was based on supporting other programs in their operation. While both Flash as Java had a great importance on the Internet, they ended up becoming a simple hassle in a solution. A good part of all this was given by the security problems that they brought with them.

To say that at first Flash was a plug-in for browsers that focused on giving web developers more functions of design. So they could use animations and other graphic elements in their projects. At the same time Flash was very important for online video content. However, on the other hand, we find Java, which is not actually a program.

Here we find a programming language that was very widespread at the time and that is still used today, but in a very limited way. Of course, we should not confuse Java with JavaScript, since it has nothing to do with it.

Which technological standard was more widespread

The first thing to keep in mind is that both standards that at the time were so important, today they are practically in disuse. One of the main reasons for all of this is the myriad security holes and power skills that have been offered over the past few years. Despite all this, both were widely used by both developers as by end users.

It is for all this reason that we could affirm that both had a huge impact on the internet world. While both Flash and Java today have more current, secure and modern substitutes, the second of them, being a programming language, arguably was more important. We speak of a simple and somewhat vulnerable language, which was extended to all kinds of uses. That is why Java we could find it in applications related to entertainment, education, communication, mobility, etc.

To give us an idea, Java is still used in a multitude of environments today. For example, we can find this standard in matters related to Finance and Social Security, for electronic signatures, etc. Hence, many teams still keep it installed.

In fact, today there are still platforms that are focused on this programming language and that continue to work even though it is not recommended.

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