Fleet settles in Spain to promote Device-as-a-Service

Fleet is already in Spain. The company specialized in Device-as-a-Service that simplifies the IT management of startups and SMEs, opened its offices in Barcelona on March 14, 2022.

“The Fleet startup that we launched at France 2019 is now one of the scale-ups capable of projecting itself at a European level. With an annual turnover of 12 million euros and more than 500 clients who trust our services, we have managed to self-finance all our development and quickly become profitable. Thanks to this remarkable growth, our goal for 2022 is to establish our leadership both in France and in Europe to continue growing and continuing this human adventure. We are particularly excited about expanding into a new country like Spain and embarking on a new business venture.” commented Alexandre Berriche, CEO and co-founder of Fleet.

The Spanish market: great potential and rapid evolution

Fleet is today the leading IT equipment solution for startups and SMEs in France. The startup proposes to replace the traditional purchase of professional computers with a subscription that includes the acquisition and renewal of computer equipment, a dedicated after-sales service and a digital platform to manage your devices easily, in a hybrid work environment.

With more than 3 million companies, the Spanish market represents enormous potential as it has more than 19.2 million employees in 2018 within small and medium enterprises. This market also attracts many French startups already established in larger cities like Madrid or Barcelona. The world of technology is very dynamic in Spain and there are more and more fundraising operations. In addition, many of Fleet’s customers have subsidiaries or branches in Spain and these require the same IT equipment service as in France.

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We feel that it is really the best time to start in Spain. The experience we have accumulated in France allows us to develop rapidly on an international level. For example, we have already worked with several providers who deliver throughout Europe. This allows us to operate quickly in Spain. To be closer to our clients, we are building an international team of six people physically based in Barcelona”, added Baptiste Petelle, Fleet expansion manager.

According to Gonzalo Manrique, co-founder of Ironhack & Scout at Accel: “We are very happy with the services provided by Fleet. They allow us to preserve our cash flow and give us the security that our employees will always have high-quality computer equipment. Also, their Cockpit control center tool helps us a lot in the daily management of our inventory.”

This first opening in Spain marks the beginning of a European expansion. During 2022, other countries will also be launched, among which stand out Portugal, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Fleet’s ambition is to become, by the end of 2022, the leading IT equipment solution for SMEs in Europe, as it already is in France today.

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