Fnac cuts the price of wireless headphones for the French Days

Until May 9 (included), Fnac is offering low prices on a wide selection of wireless headphones. Among them, we found Bose, Samsung or even Jabra headphones with up to -38% immediate discount. We tell you more below.

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Tired of your wired earphones tangling and crackling? Do you only have one wireless earphone and you listen to all your content in one ear? Here is your sign to change headphones: the French Days at Fnac! Until May 9, the brand offers discounted prices on many products, including Bluetooth headphones. Thus, among all the offers offered, and there are many, we have selected 3 nuggets not to be missed:

  • -33% on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live at €99.99, compared to €149.99 usually.
  • -38% on the Jabra Elite 3 at €49.99, compared to €79.99 usually.
  • -35% on Bose Sport Earbuds at €129.99, compared to €199.99 usually.

Our selection of wireless headphones at low prices

Of superior quality, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are clearly THE nugget to miss under any circumstances, especially at less than 100€. It is usually difficult to find headphones with active noise reduction for this price. Galaxy Buds Live allow you to listen to your audio content without external noise pollution. They also offer up to 27 hours of battery life thanks to the charging case. What to accompany you in all your journeys without problem.

With the Jabra Elite 3, you benefit from more accessible wireless earphones. At less than 50€, they do not offer active noise reduction, but that does not prevent them from being very good Bluetooth headphones. Perfect for everyday life, they offer up to 28 hours of autonomy and a maximum range of 10m with IP55 certification.

Finally, last in our ranking, but far from being the least, the Bose Sport Earbuds are dedicated to athletes. They offer up to 10 hours of battery life, enough to last during all your sessions, and passive noise reduction thanks to their perfect fit. They are also resistant to perspiration and bad weather to accompany you everywhere!

Whatever your choice, Fnac also offers you (for any purchase of these headphones):

  • 4 months subscription for the Deezer Family or Premium music streaming platform
  • The Fnac+ Card at €4.99 for the 1st year

So what are you waiting for? Quickly discover the French Days at Fnac!

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