FNT Software, provider of IT infrastructure management solutions, arrives in Spain

The provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT infrastructures FNT Software has started its activity in Spain. The company comes with a proposal that focuses on helping organizations in their digital transformation by optimizing their infrastructures, both physical and virtual. Also to make it easier for them to improve their efficiency, reliability and safety.

Its portfolio of services and products ranges from the design and planning of telecommunications infrastructures to the management of IT services and process automation. The company’s headquarters are in Germany, with offices in the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. It offers its software in various countries through IT service partners and system integrators.

One of the company’s activities in Spain will be to help correct potential errors and dangerous situations in technology facilities and data centers. These failures are quite common in these infrastructures, as well as in communication systems. With its activity to solve them, FNT Software allows companies to increase their efficiency and reduce the possibility of accidents and collapses in physical equipment.

FNT Software has more than 500 clients from various sectors. Among them, telecommunications, financial services, government, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and education. Currently, it has 2,000 active projects in 20 countries. In Spain, it will offer a personalized service adapted to the specific needs of the market.

In addition, FNT Software will seek to create strategic alliances with various actors in the technological ecosystem in Spain, in order to promote innovation, share knowledge and facilitate the sustainable development of the industry. Companies like Satec, ABB and CommScope have already joined FNT Software.

The entry of this company in Spain is part of the expansion plans that FNT Software has worldwide. It is also one of the necessary points to achieve one of your goals; to become one of the leaders of the sector in the territory of the European Union.

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