Fonts: the best and the ones that save ink

One of the most common types of use at the moment on our Windows computer is everything related to the multimedia sector. Specifically, we refer to the treatment and editing of elements such as videos, graphics, photos, audio, animations, etc. But we cannot forget something that often goes unnoticed and shouldn’t.

We refer to the sources that we constantly find both in the operating system itself and in the applications that we install in it. For those of you who don’t know, when we talk about these sources we are actually referring to the typefaces that we can use on our computer. These fonts are not only used in a text editor, for example, but to give us an idea, even photo editors have support for a multitude of fonts that we can add and remove.

In fact, and to make it easier for us to work with them, the Windows 10 comes with a decent number of these by default. In the same way in Internet We can find various websites that allow us to download elements of this type, both paid and free.

How to view installed fonts in Windows 10

At this point, perhaps the first thing we ask ourselves is how we can see what the fonts that we have installed in our operating system really are. We have already told you that the industry leader for desktops, Windows 10, has a good number of these elements by default. In fact, in most cases average users will not need to install additionally to use their programs.

It may be the rare case that we get some PDF document or from Word that uses some somewhat extraordinary font. Therefore, if the issuer has not sent it to us attached, we will have to search for it and download it from the internet. But those are rare cases, unless we are design professionals or something similar where the use of less common fonts is more common. Be that as it may, it may be the case in which we need to consult the input sources that we have installed in the system, nothing is simpler.

For this we only have to access the Windows 10 configuration application, for example, by using the Win + I key combination. Once in the new window that appears we will have to go to the Personalization section. Next, in the left panel we already find the section that interests us now, Sources.

The best fonts to use in Windows and its programs

To give you an idea, since it is generally something that we do not usually focus on, next, we are going to talk about the most important fonts used in Windows 10. In particular we are going to mention some of the best sources that you can use in the operating system and its programs at the same time cannot be absent under any circumstances. Anyway, don’t worry, these tend to be included in the vast majority of operating systems, not just Windows, and their corresponding applications.

This allows us to avoid compatibility problems with fonts used by certain documents or installed programs.


First of all, we find one of the most popular and used fonts in the world, In fact, it could be said that it is one of the standards in this regard. This is why Arial is one of the typefaces more famous. It should be noted that this is something that is extended both in paper and on the internet.


To give you an idea, this is the default font used by the powerful online text editor Google Docs. At the same time it is interesting to know that sometimes this particular source can be found as ArialMT.

Times New Roman

And we are going to continue with another of the classics for many years both in the Microsoft operating system, as well as on the internet and in most applications. Specifically we refer to Times New Roman, which is known as a variation of the old Times of the Serif group. For many experts, this is a font that is characterized by having a more professional appearance than other popular and important ones.


It is precisely for this reason that Times New Roman It is one of the most used in the media with more formal content. At the same time this typeface is widely used on news websites and official institutions.

Courier New

It is very possible that many of you are familiar with the font called Courier since it has been with us for a good number of years. Well, now we are going to talk about a font or it is considered as the most modern alternative to the aforementioned Courier. In fact, Courier New is a somewhat thinner and more stylized font than the original. This actually translates to a more visually appealing typeface on screen.

Courier New

It is for all this that we tell you why most devices and operating systems work to a large extent by displaying Courier New.


Here we have another of the fonts that could not be missing in this selection for Windows 10. In fact, if something characterizes this particular font, it is how easy it is to read and understand it. This is something that is made extensible even when we use the font in a smaller size than usual. The same happens when we see the source on the screen Verdana on devices that support low resolution. It is precisely for all this that this element is used so much in webs as in printed catalogs.

Verdana Fuentes

Arial Rounded MT

Next, we will talk about one of the variants that come to us from the previously mentioned Arial. It should be noted that Arial Rounded MT is a variant of it, but with some peculiarities. In fact, we could say that this is one of the versions of Arial that offers a more elegant design. That is why at this time it will already be installed in most of the operating systems, including Windows 10.

Arial Rounded MT Font

In addition, little by little it is spreading more and more in all types of web pages, especially in corporate ones or with more formal content.


This is another of the fonts that practically cannot be missing in any operating system, hence it is one of the most characteristic of Windows. In fact, this is a font that we already found in Windows Vista and that has stood the test of time due to its widespread use. If something characterizes this particular typeface, it is that it is compatible with the text representation system ClearType Windows.

Candara Fuentes

Save printer ink using these fonts

It is something that has been talked about for many years, we refer to how expensive the ink in our home printer is. And this is not from now, but it is a misfortune that has been accompanying us for a long time. This is something that becomes especially latent when we use the original cartridges of the device, which is usual. It is precisely for all this that, when using the printer, we take certain precautions so that the price per printed page does not get out of hand.

For example, when printing photos, depending on the use we are going to make of them, we try to lower the resolution, use the draft mode, to print only in black, etc. What perhaps we have never thought is that when printing texts we can also try to save this precious liquid. Thus, regardless of the font size that we configure, not all fonts consume the same amount of ink.

Before we have talked about the popular Arial, which is also one of the ones that spends the most ink. Therefore, we can save a good amount of ink just by changing the font of the document. To give us an idea, Times New Roman is one of the fonts that consumes the least ink. Something similar happens with Calibri or with Century Gothic, so we could opt for these alternatives.

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