Football streaming sites automatically blocked in France, the price of Bitcoin not about to go up, this is the recap

The price of Bitcoin will probably not go up before 2024, pirate sites that broadcast football will be automatically blocked in France and a simple tool to determine if you can play your favorite game on Steam Deck. This is the recap!

It’s time for the recap of the day of February 22, 2022. Today, we learn that the price of Bitcoin is not about to go up, that pirate sites that broadcast football will be automatically blocked in France and that a tool exists to see the compatibility of games with the Steam Deck. Let’s go !

The price of Bitcoin will wait until 2024 to rise

The price of Bitcoin has been at “mast” since the beginning of the year, stagnating below 40,000 dollars. According to Du Jun, the co-founder of Huobi (one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges), the price should not not go back up before 2024, or even 2025. We must indeed wait for the next “having”, a process integrated into the mining protocol which halves the rewards granted to miners.

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Streaming football is over!

Many users go through illegal means to watch football. The ARCOM (entity born from Hadopi and the CSA) intends to do everything to make you go to the cash register. Thereby, the blocking of pirate sites will be automated in France. It will be the operators who will have to block them once the report has been made. While savvy users will continue to find ways around these DNS blocks, ARCOM hopes it will discourage the less persevering.

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Will the Steam Deck run your favorite game?

The Steam Deck allows you to play many games on Steam. If you’re worried that your favorite title isn’t supported by the handheld console, there’s a tool that makes it easy to see compatibility. However, it should be noted that this one is still being tested and that all the apps are not yet registered. We explain the whole procedure to you in the article!

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