Footbl is the Wordle that Maldini hits the first time

Josh Wardle has created a monster. First, he surprised us all with a word puzzle game, quite original, but inspired by the classic game of guessing the hidden code. The game went viral -although according to the creator, he did not expect success-, and began to emerge clones of all kinds. Some simply limited themselves to copying the original Wordle game to make some money, and others added other mechanics, such as custom number of rows and letters, or new languages. The last is the footballers wordle. If you are convinced that you should have a permanent position at the Chiringuito de Jugones, this Wordle is made for you.

The “version” of Wordle with surnames of soccer players

Six attempts to guess the hidden soccer player behind the boxes. This is Footbl, a modified Wordle in which you will have to hit soccer players surnames. And it may seem easy, but it is not. Because, unlike the original Wordle, here you will have to put some letters that you already know are not there, but the game will not give you more options —unless you know the names of the surnames of the players of the Turkish eighth division, of course —.

Two game modes

footbl has two different modes. One exactly the same as Wordle, in which we will have to guess the 5-letter surnames of active or retired soccer players in six attempts. And, on the other hand, another slightly more difficult version, where the players that we are going to have to guess have six-letter surnames. In both one and the other you will have a total of six attempts. The games are called Footbl 5 and Footbl 6 respectively, and are available as a browser game, exactly like Josh Wardle’s original project.

harder than ever

The difficult part of the original Wordle is knowing the language of Shakespeare, as well as being able to recognize the morphological structures of English words with the naked eye. In Spanish, the version we know has its peculiarities, since it sometimes abuses plural terms to stretch common words up to 5 letters. Where is the complicated in Footbl? First, you must know a good list of surnames of soccer players, and we already told you that the six-letter ones are not as common as it seems at first glance. On the other hand, duplicate letters in the term they can ruin a game, especially in Footbl 6 with the vowels.

Obviously, the meta game de Wordle was not designed to enhance the game in this way, and surely there will be a day when solving the puzzle will be practically impossible. However, Twitter is already filling up with users who publish their results of this game daily.

Fortunately, the creator has kept the spirit of Wardle and You have not placed advertising on your website. We will only see a couple of lines at the bottom of the web where we can invite Dan to a Kofi, and thus reward him for his work if we so wish.

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