For 1 euro, you have 1 month of PlayStation Plus with all its free games

One month of Plus almost free

Return PlayStation Plus

We have already seen Sony’s proposal in a multitude of services, and even Xbox has used the same claim for its Xbox Game Pass service. The idea is none other than to get new users, since the offer is available only to those who are not subscribed today. That is, if you are currently enjoying PlayStation Plus, unfortunately you will not be able to add an extra month for 1 euro. Still, in the event that your subscription has recently ended, you’re in luck, it’s time to take advantage of the promotion. Have you ever been subscribed or not, you can get this month for only 1 euro.

The offer simply offers 1 month of access to the service for only 1 euro, taking into account that when the free period is going to end, the company will charge the following month at its normal price: 8.99 euros. The only thing you should keep in mind is to set an alarm on your calendar to avoid future surprises, since otherwise the receipt will be passed to you. Normally the price of the annual subscription is cheaper than paying it month by month, so it will be something that you have to assess on your own.

What do I win with PlayStation Plus?

The advantages of having PlayStation Plus are many, and basically it becomes a mandatory modality for everyone who owns a PS4 or a PS5. The most important thing is that it allows online multiplayer games, so without it, we will not be able to play with other friends, unless they are games that do not require it, such as Fortnite.

Another of the great reasons for hiring are the free games that are delivered every beginning of the month, being able to normally obtain 4 free games that you can download on your console, while PS5 users will also be able to benefit from the so-called PlayStation Plus Collection, a compilation of hits from the previous generation that you can download and play at no cost.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of some functions and utilities such as the game saving service in the cloud, the Share Play function to invite friends who do not have the game to play or the many exclusive discounts that appear in the PlayStation Store.

A limited offer

The offer of the month for 1 euro It will not be available indefinitely. Sony has announced that the promotion will end on September 10, so you will have until the end of the week to get the 1 euro offer. Remember that to get it you must not be signed up for PlayStation Plus, and be very careful at the end of the month of use, as they could charge you for the next subscription (It is required to enter a mandatory payment method).

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