For college, is an iPad or a portable Mac better?

Reasons to buy an iPad

Although the evolution of the iPad, for some, has not been ideally desired, the reality is that every time it is a device that has all the necessary ingredients to become the main equipment of work of many users, in the same way that for others it continues to fall short in terms of benefits at the software level. But let’s focus on the university environment.

The iPad, accompanied by its accessories such as the Apple Pencil and a good keyboard, it can be the ideal companion for university given the great versatility that this device has. At the same time you can use as a computer portable thanks to Magic Keyboard and the evolution that iPadOS has had, or use the Apple Pencil to take all the notes you want on the PDF documents provided by teachers. And it is that in versatility no one beats it, since in addition to giving you the opportunity to use it in many different ways and in various situations, it will also serve as an ideal equipment for those moments of relaxation and disconnection.

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

Now, it is true that if your career is going to require you to use certain specific programsthe iPad is not going to be able to satisfy these needs, so you have to be very clear about what you are going to have to do during your university years to see if the iPad can really become your main device, because yes, as a complement to a computer you will not find anything better than an iPad.

Reasons to buy a Mac

Buying an Apple laptop for college is playing it safeand it is that you know that with all certainty you will have the vast majority of needs that may arise in your university stage completely covered. Regardless of Mac model Whichever you end up choosing, with the advent of M-series chips, even the most basic MacBook Air is capable of handling most tasks a college student might throw at you with complete ease.

MacBook Air 2020 M1

Something that you also have to take into account is the great durability that these teams have, since for years you will have at your fingertips a team capable of doing practically anything, taking into account that Apple also offers many years of updates to all your teams. To all this, you have to add design and great portability of which Apple computers are characterized, ideal to be able to store inside a backpack and transport them with total ease, something that of course, for the long days of study in which you have to be from one classroom to another, comes in handy .

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